5 shows to watch if you love Walker: Independence

Godless -- Courtesy of Ursula CoyoteNetflix
Godless -- Courtesy of Ursula CoyoteNetflix /

Fans of Walker Independence were disappointed by the news the CW had canceled the series and attempts to revive it failed. It was a shame as it was a fun female-centered Western series with some compelling characters and an often moody storyline. So fans may be saddened by the series go, but thankfully, there are some shows like it that can appeal just as well to fans.

It’s amazing to see how many modern Westerns can push some terrific female characters alongside the male ones, some terrific storylines and often quite violent for the time. Streaming services allow viewers to catch up on ones they may have missed in the past and a couple of recent ones that are just as great.

Here are 5 TV shows fans of Walker Independence can enjoy to see how a modern Western can work as well as classic TV shows do.

5 shows to watch if you love Walker Independence

Hell On Wheels

This underrated AMC series brings the network’s usual classy productions to a moody Western tale. Anson Mount is a former Confederate soldier who seeks revenge on the Union troops who killed his wife and son. That has him joining the effort to build the first transcontinental railroad and soon clashing with the various forces around it.

The politics are fascinating, especially in Season 4, as homesteaders, businessmen, and outlaws fight for control of Cheyenne, Wyoming. It brings this real-life conflict to life quite well amid some compelling characters and so more than worth a ride, as dark as it can get.

Hell on Wheels Season 1 is streaming on Tubi.


Michelle Dockery puts her Downton Abbey finery behind her for this gripping Netflix Western. In 1884, a young outlaw (Jack O’Connell) finds himself in a New Mexico town populated almost entirely by women. As both the law and his former gang hunt him down, the ladies have to step up to defend the town.

Dockery is aided by Merritt Wever and Jeff Daniels, who both won Emmys for their performances. Being on Netflix allows the series to push itself in some steamy situations, with Dockery showing great flair as the lead. The mostly female cast sets it apart from other Westerns and makes this a unique Western with some very classy actors.

Godless Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

The English

Emily Blunt brings terrific star power to this mini-series. She plays an Englishwoman who comes to 1890s Kansas seeking revenge on the man she blames for her son’s death. Nearly killed in an attack, she’s saved by a cavalry scout (Chaske Spencer) who’s seeking a new life of his own. The pair soon bond over their journey as they find a shared past between them.

Blunt is terrific as ever showing her character change from a reserved noblewoman to a feisty gunslinger and her chemistry with Spencer is terrific. The six-episode series packs a lot of action and drama into this relatively short running time and a great conclusion to make it an underrated Western drama.

The English Season 1 is streaming on Prime Video.

Yellowstone: 1883

This prequel to the hit Paramount series explores the origins of what will become the Dutton clan. The main plotline explores a wagon train journeying from Texas to Wyoming, facing everything from bandits to Native attacks to a dangerous group of ranchers.

The cast aids it from veteran Sam Elliot to country music stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill showing true grit in handling this hard journey. The wonderful characters combine with the gorgeous settings and compelling storylines for a terrific prequel show. It’s also a top-notch Western series more than ready to continue to build on its legacy.

1883 Season 1 is streaming on Paramount+.


It’s dark and violent in a way that makes Game of Thrones look like a CW show. But this critically acclaimed HBO drama was also one of the best Western shows ever created. Mixing real-life characters with fictional ones, it explores the infamous Old West town in all its bloody glory.

The cast is fantastic, topped by Timothy Olyphant as the sheriff and Ian McShane as the conniving Al Swearengen, one of TV’s greatest anti-heroes. Also, the ladies can be just as tough and captivating as any of the men in this hard town. Unfairly canceled after three seasons, it eventually got a TV movie to wrap up the storylines but deserves a watch all the same as a genius TV western.

Deadwood Seasons 1-3 & Movie are streaming on Max.

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