Will The Crowded Room be renewed for Season 2?

The Crowded Room
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Tom Holland has shown us another side of his acting skills in The Crowded Room. Will we get to see more with a second season of the series?

Tom Holland is one of those actors you will want to keep a close eye on. He certainly made a name for himself as Spider-Man and then with the Umbrella lip-sync, but now he’s shown a completely different side of his skills in The Crowded Room.

Of course, you want ot watch more. Don’t we all want to see more of amazing performances? Will The Crowded Room Season 2 happen, or is this a show that is being canceled like so many others?

Will The Crowded Room Season 2 happen?

There is some bad news. The Crowded Room isn’t going to be renewed in the format that it is currently in. This was billed as a limited series, with Holland only signing on for one season. The story is going to be completed by the end of the season, so there won’t be any need for more seasons.

That being said, there is a chance the show will be renewed in another way. We could see this turned into another anthology series. We’ve seen it with a lot of shows like this. Just look at Monster on Netflix. That landed a two-season renewal, with both seasons set to follow two different serial killers.

We have seen a lot of success with anthology shows on TV. American Horror Story and American Crime Story stand out, but we’ve also seen it with AccusedSlasher, and The Sinner. Why wouldn’t Apple TV+ try one for itself? It’s all going to depend if the creatives have a story in them to continue, or if they want to move on to something else.

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The Crowded Room is streaming on Apple TV+.