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The Ex-Wife Season 1 came to a shocking and explosive end. What did Jen want? Was she really after baby Emily, or was there something else going on?

From the beginning of The Ex-Wife, it was clear that Jen couldn’t quite let go of her marriage and the life she once had. That wasn’t all that surprising as you watched the series. It turned out that Jack had an affair with Tasha and left Jen for her.

Jen simply wanted her life back. And one thing that Jack’s family made clear was that Tasha wasn’t all that welcome. Who does really like the other woman?

What it also looked like though was that Jen wanted Tasha’s life completely. It also looked like she wanted baby Emily, and she seemed willing to do whatever it took to make Tasha doubt herself as a mother so she could take the baby. Is that really what Jen wanted, though?

Who was the bigger threat in The Ex-Wife?

Well, it turned out that Jen wasn’t the big threat. She was simply doing things that Jack asked her to. Remember, it’s clear that she wants her husband and her old life back.

Jack had a much bigger plan that even Jen didn’t know about. Jack and Jen couldn’t have children together, but they both wanted to start a family. Jack managed to find someone who wasn’t as wealthy as him and could have a child. He ended up having an affair and marrying Tasha, who would give birth to his daughter.

However, Jack still loved Jen. At least, he thought he did. It’s clear that he’s an abusive and manipulative piece of work who is willing to hurt multiple people for what he wants. He creates a plan to take Emily and have him and Jen take Emily out of the country. Tasha was supposed to be left behind with no knowledge of it all until it was too late.

In The Ex-Wife series finale, Jen couldn’t go through with it. She texted Tasha with details to get to the airport for a certain time. On the way there, Tasha and Jack ended up racing each other with Jack trying to drive Tasha off the road. However, he miscalculated and crashed the car.

At first, it looks like Emily is killed in the accident. Jack is left in a coma, while Jen gets away with some minor injuries. Then we learn that Emily didn’t die at all. While Jen was unconscious, Tasha got into the car and took Emily. She called Sam, put Emily in a duffel bag, and then left, making it look like she was a grieving mother.

Jen would find out the truth in the end. Emily got to another country, where she and Emily would be able to live a life free from Jack and his family. That is as long as Jen keeps the secret, which it seems she will do now that she’s seen who Jack really is.

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