The Ex-Wife spoilers: What happened to baby Emily?

The Ex-Wife - Tasha (Celine Buckens)
The Ex-Wife - Tasha (Celine Buckens) /

It looked like Jen wanted to kidnap baby Emily throughout The Ex-Wife. Is that what she wanted? What was the real threat against the baby?

Tasha feared that Jack’s ex-wife, Jen, wanted to take their baby. That’s certainly the way it seemed with Jen turning up and actually taking Emily out of nursery one day. However, it turned out that someone else wanted to take her.

When Jack married Tasha, it wasn’t for the woman. It was for what Tasha could give him that Jen couldn’t: a baby. Once he got what he needed, he worked on making Tasha doubt everything and then cut her out of his life.

Jack was the one who wanted to take baby Emily away. And he wanted Jen by his side when he did it. It looked like it would all play out that way, but then Jen decided to send Tasha a text to meet at the airport before Jack, Jen, and Emily got on a plane to Canada.

Tasha didn’t wait until she got to the airport. She spotted Jack’s car and made it clear that she was there. Jack tried to run her off the road, but it failed when he lost control and crashed the car at the end of The Ex-Wife.

Did Emily survive the car crash in The Ex-Wife?

We were told right away that while Jen had some minor injuries, Jack was in a coma and Emily had died. While authorities couldn’t find Emily there, they believed the heat of the flames from the explosion burned away the evidence but there was enough blood that belonged to Emily to make them believe she was in that car seat.

Tasha plays the part of the grieving mother, but not well enough for us as viewers. That’s when we get a flashback.

Tasha had stopped the car and quickly got Emily out before it exploded. Jen was unconscious so couldn’t say that she saw anything. Nobody else was really looking in the first minutes of the crash. Tasha was then able to put Emily in a duffel bag and call Sam to take her.

Of course, Sam did as she asked him to. He didn’t ask any questions knowing that this was the safest thing for Emily. Tasha and Sam pretended to grieve, but then we flash to where Jen is walking around a sunny country. She goes to see Tasha, who has Emily. It’s clear that Emily and Tasha are now free of Jack, even if Jack’s fingers did move in the bed. That doesn’t mean he’s going to wake up.

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