Fall 2023 would be a great time to bring us Snowpiercer Season 4

942810 - Snowpiercer 310: Alison Wright, Rowan Blanchard
942810 - Snowpiercer 310: Alison Wright, Rowan Blanchard /

With the current strike action, fall 2023 could be a great time to bring us Snowpiercer Season 4. Why isn’t it on the TNT schedule?

When it comes to dystopian futures with a somewhat crime drama twist, Snowpiercer is on our list of shows to watch. It starts off with a murder that pulls a detective from the tail of the train up front. Andre Layton needs to get to the bottom of the crime.

Of course, this exposes all sorts of crimes happening within the system to keep the First Class at the top and the Tailies hidden at the bottom. As time went on, we saw how there could be a shift, and the third season ended with Layton and his part of the train breaking free to find out if life on Earth was sustainable or not. Those who preferred the known troubles that Snowpiercer would have stayed with Melanie.

We know there is a fourth season to the story. This is the last season of the show, and yet, we still haven’t had a chance to see it. Wouldn’t fall 2023 be a good time to bring it to us?

Snowpiercer Season 4 is ready so why isn’t it on the fall schedule?

Filming has finished for the season. However, after filming completed, fans learned from TNT that there were no plans to bring the season to the screens. Why?

Well, TNT moved away from scripted content. That included the already-filmed Snowpiercer Season 4. Yet, TNT has had some scripted content on its network since then, so it doesn’t make sense not to put this show on the air.

With the strikes in Hollywood, this show could be saved by another network. Netflix holds the rights internationally but not in the U.S. Could another network or streamer end up airing the series while strike action causes delays for other projects?

Fans are left disappointed. Why not bring the fourth season to bridge a gap while we wait for our other favorite crime dramas to return? Now would be the perfect time to give the chance for the show to go out in style. With it already ready to air, it’s not like the strike action would affect anything except for the actors being unable to talk about the project. With it being final seasoned, airing the episodes would be more for the fans anyway at this point.

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