Silo Season 1 finale: Who killed George?

Silo streaming May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Silo streaming May 5, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

The early summer brought us a murder mystery in Silo Season 1. Who did kill George, and why? What did Juliette learn before going outside to clean?

As we continue to search for something to watch, streamers have our attention. A series you may have missed earlier this summer is Silo. It doesn’t look like a crime drama at first. In fact, it’s not. It’s a dystopian future, but like Snowpiercer, there is an element of crime thrown in.

In this series, there is one motivation for our main protagonist Juliette to move from Mechanical to the upper floors to become the Sheriff. She wants to get to the bottom of a murder that happened in Mechanical. She needs to know who killed her lover, George.

How did George die in Silo Season 1?

At first, George’s death was deemed a suicide. However, Juliette was sure that wasn’t the case. George showed no signs of suicide.

Why would that be such a problem? Well, suicide is against the law in this universe. Everyone is needed to keep the world underground running. Juliette has already dealt with one suicide in her life—her mother’s—and she knows how people will view George if they believe he killed himself.

As we get to know who Juliette and George were to each other, we find out that he collected Relics. Some of these were completely banned, and it’s clear that Juliette is sure that the Relics have something to do with his death. She just has to get to the bottom of it.

After finding out that he left her a message on the Relic hard drive and learning that the world outside is potentially green and liveable, she finds herself in a lot of trouble. She’s arrested and is forced to go outside to clean. Before she does that, Bernard, who is in charge of IT and (it turns out) the entire silo, shows her the night of George’s death.

He had been captured by Judicial and it looked like he was going to be taken to tortured. George didn’t want anyone to torture the information out of him, so he did kill himself. He made sure it was all done in front of the camera.

There wasn’t any hope for Juliette’s life. She was sent outside to clean, where she realized that the green world shown in the visors is a distorted reality, potentially to give people hope before they die from the toxic air around them. However, Juliette has tape that is much better than the one from Supply thanks to her mother-like figure Walker, and she ends up surviving and gets to see the world for what it really is. Now we need Silo Season 2 to find out what’s to come next.

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Silo is available to stream on Apple TV+.