Who Is Erin Carter? ending explained: Who was Erin after all?

Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Who is Erin Carter? wrapped up its first season on Netflix in a story packed with scores of twists and turns. So what happened, and in the end, who truly was Erin Carter?

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Who Is Erin Carter?

Who Is Erin Carter? focused on Erin (Evin Ahmad), a teacher in Barcelona, raising daughter Harper, and married to doctor Jordi. Things take a turn when Erin and Harper are caught in a grocery store robbery. Erin took down one of the robbers, who seemed to recognize her.

The other robber tracked Erin down at her school, calling Erin “Kate,” and they got into a fight with Erin killing the robber. Jordi’s cop friend Emilio found her with the body and helped her bury it in exchange for Erin helping Emilio gather evidence against a corrupt lawyer. Erin soon discovered Emilio himself was on the take from a larger crime boss.

Erin tried to rise above this, befriending Daniel Lang, a wealthy man and father to one of her students. It turned out Lang was the crime boss who killed Emilio, with Erin having to keep quiet to keep her family safe. Erin did come clean on much of it to her husband and daughter, with both obviously upset at the secrets, but Erin was trying to help.

What was Erin’s secret past in Who Is Erin Carter?

Episode 4 finally explained the backstory. Erin had once been Kate Jones, an aspiring cop who was recruited by DI Armstrong (Jamie Bamber) into going undercover in a gang. She befriended gang member Lena, who was Harper’s real mother, as she tried to survive the tough job. They pulled off a huge robbery of gold bars, only for the cops to raid their hideout too early. In the ensuing gunfight, Lena appeared to be shot and killed.

Erin fled, taking Harper and some of the gold with her. Thinking she couldn’t trust Armstrong, she buried the gold and raised Harper as her own child, eventually marrying Jordi. What Erin didn’t know was that Lena had survived the shooting and spent time in prison. Seeing Erin’s face in the news, Lena broke out to force Erin to return Harper to her.

A desperate Erin tried to give Lena the gold to leave them alone, but Lena shot her and left her for dead. Lena went to Erin’s home only to be captured by Lang’s men. Lena realized Lang had been backing the gold heist and was shocked to hear Erin was the cop who ruined it. Erin managed to get home with Jordi patching her up, and then a strange drive where she somehow convinced her rival Penelope to divorce her husband.

What happened to Erin and her family?

Daniel took Jordi and Harper for leverage, forcing Lena to go to a wounded Erin for help. The pair stormed the docks where Lang held Erin’s family hostage, leading to a huge gun battle. Realizing how much Erin truly loved Harper, Lena sacrificed her life, blowing up part of the dock so Erin could get to Lang. They had a face-off with Erin killing Lang and rescuing her family.

It then cut to a few weeks later as the trio enjoyed a beach vacation. As Erin was getting drinks, Armstrong suddenly appeared, offering her another job. Erin said she already had one to return to her family, but Armstrong seemed certain she’d be calling him soon.

So the series did answer just who Erin Carter was as she now adapts to her new life, which hopefully avoids a lot of problems of her old one.

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