Is Who Is Erin Carter? renewed for Season 2 by Netflix?

Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Who is Erin Carter? Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

Netflix just released the whole first season of Who Is Erin Carter? with a great turn for the finale. But is it possible this can get a second season? Here’s what we know!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the first season of Who Is Erin Carter?

Who Is Erin Carter? focused on the title character, a teacher living in Barcelona, raising her daughter Harper, and living with her husband, Jordie. When she was caught in a grocery store robbery, Erin took the robbers down with one recognizing her. The other robber would confront Erin later, and Erin killed her in a fight.

It turned out Erin had once been an undercover cop inside a gang pulling a robbery. She befriended gang member Lena, who was Harper’s real mother. Things went badly, and Lena was apparently killed, with Erin taking some of the gold and Harper to flee and making a new life.

Erin was rocked when a very much alive Lena showed up, wanting her daughter back and shooting Erin. However, when Lena and Jordie were kidnapped by a gang boss Erin had crossed, the two women teamed up to save their daughter.

Lena sacrificed herself to help Erin save her daughter and move on with her life. It then cut to a few weeks later with Erin and her family on vacation when Erin ran into her old cop boss Armstrong (Jamie Bamber), who hinted he had a job for her.

Is there a second season of Who Is Erin Carter?

So far, there’s no word on whether or not Netflix will have a second season of the show. As a British-made series, the show is not a Netflix original, only distributed by the streamer. Thus, it’s not totally Netflix’s call and depends on the number of watchers.

The series did have mixed reviews and no word yet on how successful it was with Netflix viewers. It was advertised as a limited series, but it is not the first time one has earned another year. The show did wrap up in a way to work as a single season, but that hook at the end gave room in case of another year for Erin to decide to take Armstrong up on his offer to get back in the cop game.

It can play on Erin still trying to make things right with Jordie and Harper knowing the truth about herself. There’s also her tense relationship with best friend Olivia, who was briefly held captive by Lena and the odd clashes with frenemy Penelope.

As it stands, there’s no certainty if Who Is Erin Carter? gets another year, but at least fans had this wild season to enjoy in full.

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Who Is Erin Carter? is now streaming on Netflix.