Walker Season 4 is not coming to The CW in September 2023

The CW didn’t make it easy for us waiting for news about Walker Season 4 happening. Now we’re waiting for it to premiere.

Do you remember a time when The CW would hand out renewals for everything? That time has passed, and it put Walker on the firing line. The good news is the series has scored a renewal, even if it is just for 13 episodes instead of the usual 18 to 20 that we love.

So, now our eyes are on when the show will premiere. Fall TV is just around the corner, so naturally, we looked at The CW’s plans. Walker Season 4 is nowhere on the list, but we didn’t really expect it, did we? Even in a normal year, The CW tends to premiere shows in October rather than September.

When will Walker Season 4 premiere on The CW?

This isn’t a normal year, though, and our favorite shows won’t be back in October, either. The CW made it clear that Walker Season 4 would be held for the midseason. This was partly linked to the writers strike at the time. All American was the only show planned for a fall start, but even that has been pushed to the midseason.

The CW’s midseason tends to start in February of each year, but there are times that January premieres happen. We could see Walker come back in January 2024, but it’s going to depend on a few factors. The biggest is all about the current strike action. This has halted production and meant that we can’t predict when anything could come out as it all depends on when shows can get back to work. It’s not what you want to hear, but it’s the reality of the situation at the moment.

Walker is available to stream on Max.