The Afterparty Season 2 ending explained: Who killed Edgar?

The Afterparty season 2 on Apple TV+
The Afterparty season 2 on Apple TV+ /

The Afterparty just wrapped up its second season on Apple TV+ with a great reveal of who killed Edgar. Who was it and what does this mean for the show? Find out here!

Caution: This article has SPOILERS for The Afterparty Season 2

Season 2 of the Apple TV+ comedy had new couple Aniq and Zoe attending the wedding of Zoe’s sister Grace and tech billionaire Edgar. It was marred when Edgar was found dead in his bed the next day and his mother Isabel believed Grace murdered him for his money.

Desperate to help Zoe (and impress her family), Aniq called on Danner, who’d left the police force and was trying to write a book. Danner once more questioned each suspect and imagined their tales in a different genre. For example, Grace’s conspiracy-minded ex-boyfriend Travis saw himself in a film noir story, while Edgar’s sister Hannah imagined herself in a  Wes Anderson-style movie.

It developed that Edgar’s cryptocurrency company was a big scam, with partner Sebastian (who wasn’t really British but an American con artist) involved. Also, rather than a quirky nice guy, Edgar had a sinister edge, including gaslighting his own mother. The fact Zoe seemed to be covering for something Grace did didn’t help the case.

The penultimate episode ended with the cops showing up and Isabel ready to have Grace arrested. Thankfully, as before, Danner’s quirky mind allowed her to figure out what really happened.

Who killed Edgar and what happened next on The Afterparty Season 2 finale?

It turned out Edgar was poisoned by Grace and Zoe’s “fun” uncle, Ulysses (John Cho). Why would he want to kill Edgar? Easy: He didn’t.

As revealed in an earlier episode of The Afterparty, Ulysses had a fling with Vivian, the wife of his half-brother Feng. While Vivian called it a mistake and moved on, Ulssyes never got over her and believed he was far more worthy than Feng, whom he always considered a “boring loser.” So he planned to poison Feng, making it look natural, and then romance Vivian.

But Edgar accidentally drank the glass himself before Feng could get to it. Ulysses tried to deny it, but Vivian proved it by threatening to drink from the same flask he’d made the poison in before he stopped her. Feng punched him out as Ulysses was arrested.

Afterward, Grace told Isabel she didn’t care about Edgar’s money but did take the million-dollar settlement they offered so her father could save his business. Grace also could move on to her true love, Hannah. Meanwhile, Sebastian had been selling off his shares of Edgar’s business, expecting it to plummet after his death was announced, only for Travis and his Reddit group to buy up shares, making the company more profitable than ever. So Sebastian lost millions of dollars, his job and Isabel in one fell swoop.

Zoe’s family was happy for Aniq, giving him the courage to ask her to marry him, only for Zoe to propose first. Danner realized her talent for imagining “mind movies” meant she was better as a moviemaker than an author.

The final scene had Zoe and Aniq visiting Danner on the set of a movie based on the first season’s mystery, with cameos from Daniel Radcliffe, Elijah Wood, Gemma Chan and Keke Palmer as Danner. Aniq was thrown to see that not only was he being played by Jaleel “Steve Urkel” White, but the on-screen Aniq and Danner were a couple.

So The Afterparty ended with another wild twist fans never saw coming to continue its fun ride as a murder mystery romp.

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The Afterparty Season 2 is now streaming in full on Apple TV+.