What’s next for Kasie Hines in NCIS Season 21?

NCIS fans aren’t happy that the ongoing Hollywood strikes are delaying Season 21 until 2024. That means a longer wait to see what’s happened to the characters, such as Kasie Hines. So, what can be in store for Diona Reasonover’s lab tech this year?

Season 20 had Kasie stepping up to the forefront of several storylines. First, after a couple of times being held hostage in cases, Kasie decided to take self-defense classes to toughen herself up. One episode had the team worried Kasie was a suspect in a case, but it turned out she was working undercover to find a mole inside of NCIS. She even got to do some field work on that mission.

More dramatically, Kasie discovered that one of her relatives was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and worried she’d inherited the gene. She was even working off a bucket list of things to do and while she’d checked out okay, Kasie remains concerned at catching this.

So, will Season 21 have Kasie make a better start for herself?

What can happen to Kasie in NCIS Season 21?

Ironically, if NCIS wasn’t being delayed, Kasie might not be in the premiere. Diona Reasonover had surgery in July, undergoing a myomectomy to remove 10 fibroids. Thankfully, the procedure went well with Reasonover recovering, but it likely would have meant writing out Kasie for the first couple of episodes had the strikes not occurred.

As it is, Reasonover should be fully recovered by the time Season 21 finally gets underway. Hopefully, after all the trauma she’s been through, Kasie can finally enjoy better times this year, maybe even some sort of romantic life outside the lab. She shouldn’t have the worry about her health hanging over her but retain her quirky humor and perhaps a couple more field assignments.

Thus, Season 21 should get Kasie some much-needed brighter times to make it another fun year of NCIS excitement and thrills.

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