How many episodes are in Wilderness on Prime Video?

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Wilderness is about to make its debut on Prime Video! But how many episodes are in this moody new crime thriller? Find out here!

Based on the novel by B.E. Jones, Wilderness focuses on Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Liv (Jenna Coleman), a seemingly happy couple taking a trip across America’s National Parks. But under the surface, things are bad as Liv just discovered Will’s affair with his co-worker, Cara (Ashley Benson), who joins them on the trip. Liv thus decides this trip is the perfect way to arrange an “accident” for her cheating husband.

This sets off a unique cat-and-mouse game complicated by Liv finding herself becoming oddly friends with her husband’s mistress and the question of Will suspecting what his wife knows and is planning.

The series looks to mix up the main mystery with flashbacks to the pair’s marriage and flashing forward to the aftermath and what really happened. Just how many episodes will it have?

What is the Wilderness episode count?

According to Prime Video, the series has six episodes, all of which are released on Friday, Sept. 15. It seems to be a limited series adapting the novel, a bit longer than a feature film to flesh out the characters but not stretching it out too much to hurt the storyline. The short run is probably why Prime Video is releasing it at once rather than in weekly installments like other series.

So, at just six episodes, all coming out at once, Wilderness appears to be a fantastic new show to boost up fans of thrillers and bring the novel to a wonderful life.

Take a look at the promo for the new Amazon series:

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Wilderness premieres on Friday, Sept. 15 on Prime Video.