Is Wilderness a limited series?

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Prime Video has the hot new thriller worth checking out. It’s all about Wilderness, but is this a series that could be renewed?

Are you looking for something new to watch? Amazon has us covered with Prime Video, and Wilderness is the latest series to check out. It stars Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as a couple that seems to have it all.

Of course, those picture-perfect couples tend to have skeletons in the closet here and there. This couple certainly does. The trip to America’s National Parks is a chance for Oliver’s Will to prove that he can be faithful to Jenna’s Liv. Of course, there is the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater,” and that’s usually the case.

Will Wilderness be renewed for a second season?

This series is a great binge-watch. It’s a short one, which is the case for a lot of British thrillers. By the time you get to the end, you may be left wanting more. Now you just need to know if Amazon could renew the show for a second season.

The series itself is based on a book by B.E. Jones. It is a standalone book, and there are no signs of a sequel being written. There were also earlier comments that this series was a limited series, although reports of that have seemed to have disappeared. It is possible that it was incorrectly noted as a limited series, as has happened in the past.

However, a lot of British thrillers that are based on books keep to the story. They tell the source material on screen, and that’s it. It is possible that the show is being kept open just for now, but if you look at a lot of British limited series, they end up just ending and nothing else being said about them. They end on a high, leaving people wanting more.

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Wilderness is available to stream on Prime Video.