What is Mrs. Sidhu Investigates about?

Mrs. Sidhu Investigates -- Photo Credit: Laurence Cendrowicz/AcornTV
Mrs. Sidhu Investigates -- Photo Credit: Laurence Cendrowicz/AcornTV /

If you love British sleuths, you’ll love Mrs. Sidhu. She has a passion for crime, and here’s what to expect in Mrs. Sidhu Investigates.

Mrs. Sidhu is a woman with many talents and passions. One of those is investigating crimes. That’s in between her business as a high-end caterer. This is certainly a series for fans of the likes of Agatha Raisin and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

The new series, Mrs. Sidhu Investigates, premieres this week, and it’s not one to skip. Of course, you’ll want to know what to expect before you get into it to see if it really is the type of crime show for you. We think you’ll love it.

What is Mrs. Sidhu Investigates about?

The new four-part series follows Mrs. Sidhu. She’s a high-end caterer, but she has a passion for solving crime. Recently widowed, she is also focused on her wayward son, Tez, who doesn’t quite know what to do with his life.

Of course, any good sleuth needs someone on the inside of the police force to help them. For Mrs. Sidhu, it’s all about her unofficial partnership with DCI Burton, the long-suffering divorcee who would love nothing more than not to work with her. However, he realizes that she is an asset, and they make a great crime-solving duo.

Then there’s DS Mint, DCI Burton’s partner. She is a little bemused by the partnership going on, but does she also feel threatened?

All Mrs. Sidhu wants is to make sure those who commit the crimes are brought to justice. She will get to the bottom of whatever the situation is, and she’ll make some damn good food at the same time.

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Mrs. Sidhu Investigates premieres on Monday, Sept. 18 on Acorn TV. Get Acorn TV with Amazon Channels.