Agatha Raisin is back for Season 3, premiering in February 2020

Agatha Raisin -- Courtesy of Acorn TV
Agatha Raisin -- Courtesy of Acorn TV /

The sassy sleuth is back and ready for a mystery to solve. Agatha Raisin Season 3 premieres in February 2020, and here are all the details you need.

Our favorite sassy sleuth is back for more mysteries, more fun, and more mayhem. Ready to see Agatha Raisin Season 3? You only have to wait another month. Not even that!

Acorn TV has announced that the British murder mystery hit will return for a third season on Feb. 10 in the United States and Canada. The AMC Networks streaming service will bring all three episodes across three separate weeks, so you have plenty of time to watch, dissect, and enjoy.

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Ashley Jensen’s Agatha officially becomes a private investigator in the third season. She gets her own detective agency and now the pressure is on to keep the business flowing. So, she needs a few mysteries to solve. Don’t worry! There’s no shortage of those.

Meanwhile, in her personal life, she’s living with James Lacey. Yes, her on-again-off-again boyfriend who sometimes knows a little too much about British history.

Things all kick off with Agatha Raisin & the Deadly Dance on Feb. 10. When a young woman about to get married is sent a death threat, Agatha goes in search for who sent it. But what happens when the would-be assassin is the one that turns up dead?

On Feb. 17, Agatha Raisin & the Love from Hell airs, which will see James leave Agatha after yet another blazing row. However, he vanishes after that, leaving just a trail of blood and a dead body; not his dead body, though! However, it certainly leaves everyone fearing the worst.

Not enough murder mystery? Check out the Feb. 24 episode, Agatha Raisin: As the Pig Turns. Our sleuth heads to a traditional winter festival in an attempt to shake off the troubles. Now if only the murder mysteries would be left behind too. You know that’s not going to happen!

Jensen isn’t the only one returning for Agatha Raisin Season 3. Of course, Jamie Glover is back as James, along with Matt McCooey as Detective Constable Bill Wong and Mathew Horne as Agatha’s former PR assistant, Roy. Jason Merrells, Lucy Liemann, and Jodie Tyack will also return.

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What do you hope to see in the third season? Which episode are you most excited about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Agatha Raisin Season 3 premieres on Feb. 10 on Acorn TV.