Wilderness ending explained: Does Liv kill Will?

Wilderness -- Courtesy of Stefania Rosini/Prime Video
Wilderness -- Courtesy of Stefania Rosini/Prime Video /

Wilderness wrapped up its thrilling story on Prime Video! So, did Liv manage to get away with murder after all? Here’s how it ended up!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Wilderness Season 1

Wilderness focuses on Liv (Jenna Coleman) and Will (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), a couple whose seemingly perfect marriage is rocked when Liv discovers Will’s affair with colleague Cara (Ashley Benson). Will tries to make it up to her with a  trip across America’s National Parks, with Liv seemingly okay with it.

What Will doesn’t know is that Liv discovered the affair was still going on and hoped to use the trip to arrange an “accident” for Will. Cara and boyfriend Garth (Eric Balfour) were also on the trip, the four having an odd bond, which just drove Liv crazier.

It built up to a stormy night when Liv saw what she assumed was Will in his red jacket standing by a cliff. Overcome with rage, Liv just charged forward to shove the figure off. To her shock, a very much alive Will came back to the hotel and too late, Liv realized it was Cara wearing Will’s coat that she’d pushed.

Who did Liv kill in Wilderness?

Cara was found barely clinging to life and ended up dying in the hospital. Liv was obviously rocked, more so when Will asked her to be his alibi just in case the cops questioned them too closely.

The pair returned to New York, with Liv barely keeping her sanity. She did confess the truth to her mother, who agreed to keep it quiet. Meanwhile, the police arrested Garth for killing Cara, with Garth even briefly worried he’d done it while drunk.

Just to add to Liv’s mental struggles, she realized Will had also been sleeping with Cara’s friend, Marissa. The pair were confronted by a released Garth, who realized something was up and attacked them. Liv ended up stabbing him to death in self-defense, with the cops not charging her for it.

What happened to Will and Liv in Wilderness?

Liv’s spiral continued as she had a one-night stand with best friend Ash and demanded a divorce. Will countered by threatening to tell the police Liv killed Garth on purpose. That pushed Liv to a dark plan.

Just as the couple were about to head to London, they were stopped by the police. The detectives showed the tape of Will and Cara in bed, with Liv acting like this was the first she knew of her husband’s affair. Between that performance and some planted evidence, Will was arrested for Cara’s murder.

Three months later, Liv was with Ash when Will asked her to meet in prison, asking if she’d wait for him. When she laughed it off, Will revealed he’d figured out she killed Cara and he’d prove it. Liv claimed she was pregnant with Will’s child, which he wasn’t sure to believe. When Liv stated she thought she was pushing Will off the cliff, Will tried to attack her and was dragged off by guards.

Liv wrote the entire story in a letter to her mother and headed back to the cliff where Cara died. When a local talked about the “silly girl who fell” there, Liv went on a tirade about how anyone could reach their tether “and become the wolves.”

So Wilderness ends with Liv basically getting away with murder, although a few questions as to what the future may hold for her, Will, and the child (who may not even exist). Yet it was a good ride with a great finish.

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Wilderness is streaming on Prime Video.