Mrs. Sidhu Investigates spoilers: What to expect in Episode 3

Mrs Sidhu Investigates_Season 1, Episode 3- Photo Credit: AcornTV
Mrs Sidhu Investigates_Season 1, Episode 3- Photo Credit: AcornTV /

Mrs. Sidhu and DCI Burton work together on another case in Mrs. Sidhu Investigates. Here’s everything to expect in Episode 3.

We got to see Mrs. Sidhu prove her skills in the most recent episode of Mrs. Sidhu Investigates. While Burton was sure he had the right suspect, Mrs. Sidhu realized there was something else going on. It does mean that Burton will want to trust Mrs. Sidhu’s instincts moving forward.

And there is another murder for the duo to get to the bottom of. Doesn’t it seem like murder constantly follows Mrs. Sidhu’s high-end catering company? It’s almost like fate doesn’t want her to have a normal event. Of course, that’s perfectly fine with her.

What’s the case in Mrs. Sidhu Investigates Episode 3?

Mrs. Sidhu is hired as an in-house caterer at a software company. This company, Appenda, has a sterling reputation, but that is threatened when the CEO is found dead, strangled in his office. That’s not all. It turns out that he just signed a deal to sell the company, but why would he do that?

Was the company not as successful as he made it out to be? Was someone blackmailing him? Well, the killer is still out there, and Mrs. Sidhu and Burton think that the killer will attack again. They need to get to the bottom of the case before there is another murder.

While all that goes on, we’ll get to see Tez go out on his own. This isn’t in a good way, though. He gets into some sort of altercation with an entrepreneur. Is this going to get him into more trouble, or will it help him figure out what he wants to do with his life?

Take a look at the synopsis for the episode:

"Mrs. Sidhu is asked to be an in-house caterer for a software company called Appenda, located in Berkshire’s renowned technology hub. But the company’s sterling reputation is threatened, and Mrs. Sidhu’s interest piqued, when Appenda’s CEO is found dead, strangled at his desk the night he signed a deal to sell the company. Mrs. Sidhu has Chief Inspector Burton’s ear on the case, and together they work to crack it, determined to catch the murderer before they make their next kill. Meanwhile, Tez gets himself into trouble with a young entrepreneur."

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Mrs. Sidhu Investigates airs Mondays on Acorn TV.