When will the Payback Season 1 finale air on BritBox?

Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox
Payback -- Courtesy of BritBox /

Payback premieres on BritBox tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 19. While the first three episodes will drop, the rest arrive weekly. Here’s when the finale will air.

If you’re looking for a slightly different type of crime drama than normal, you’ll want to turn to BritBox tomorrow. Payback arrives.

This series is more than just about cops trying to catch a bad guy. The bad guy in this series is Cal Morris, and he wants his money. He decides to use the wife of the man who handles his illegal gains. Lexie ends up pulled into a world of crime that she didn’t know about, learning more and more secrets about her husband than she realized he ever held.

Payback Season 1 finale air date

The first three episodes of the series drop on Thursday, Oct. 19. This is an unusual day for BritBox, but we’re running with it. It’s closer to the weekend, and we’ll need it with the three episodes arriving at once.

After that, we’ll get episodes on a weekly basis. You’ll want to know when the Payback Season 1 finale airs on BritBox so you know when you will get all the answers. This also tells you when you can binge-watch the whole series.

There are six episodes in the series. The finale date is set for Thursday, Nov. 9. It’s worth spending the weekend before binge-watching the five episodes that will have aired by then so you’re ready to see how it all ties up.

This does appear to be a limited series at this point. However, we know that limited series can end up being developed into something more. Who knows what happens to the Noble family after the events the husband and wife are pulled into.

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Payback is available to stream on BritBox from Thursday, Oct. 19.