Final Moments Season 2, Episode 11 sneak peek: Figuring out the why

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FINAL MOMENTS -- Courtesy of NBCUniversal /

When it comes to murder, figuring out why someone did it is essential. This Final Moments sneak peek takes a look at the why for Ricardo Hibi’s murder.

Motive, means, and opportunity. Those are the three things that investigators need when it comes to figuring out who committed a murder. Someone needs to fit all three for a good chance of a conviction.

The problem in some murder cases is that the motive isn’t clear. Why would someone want to hurt a person? Especially someone like Ricardo Hibi, who ran a group home for vulnerable kids. HIs focus was on doing good in the world after experiencing the life that he had. So, why would someone want to take that person away?

That’s what the investigators explore in Final Moments Season 2, Episode 11 on Oxygen.

Final Moments sneak peek: Figuring out the motive

In the sneak peek for Final Moments Season 2, Episode 11, there’s a look at the crime that took place. Ricardo Hibi was found stabbed in his own home. It took surveillance footage to figure out how the altercation took place.

Hibi simply answered the door and was stabbed three times. Why? Well, that was for the investigators to work out. After all, this man seemed like a good person in society. Why would someone want to take out a person helping vulnerable youths?

The clip also shares why the footage wasn’t all that helpful in figuring out the murder suspect. Take a look:

Final Moments is a chance to put the focus on the victim of these horrific crimes. It takes a look at what those moments would have been like offering some empathy for the situation as a whole rather than putting the focus on who did it. Of course, dissecting the final moments would give investigators a chance to figure out who committed the crime, and that’s what this episode will do when it comes to the murder of Ricardo Hibi.

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Final Moments airs on Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/PT on Oxygen.