Don't miss out on the 1000th episode of NCISverse tonight (April 15)

After taking a week off, NCIS is back, and it's with a major milestone episode. It's time for the 1000th episode of the franchise!
NCIS 1,000 episodes celebration
NCIS 1,000 episodes celebration /

Can you believe we’ve had 1000th episodes of NCISverse? This covers the entire franchise from the NCIS series premiere back in September 2003.

Of course, the flagship series is marking this episode in style. It’s fitting that it’s the flagship series that gets to air this monumental episode, and we will see characters from other shows in the franchise pop up. While they won’t be in HQ, they will appear in creative ways.

We know that Jane Tennant from NCIS: Hawaii and Kensi Blye from NCIS: Los Angeles will be two characters popping up. With some hope, there will be a character from New Orleans that shows up, and maybe we could have an appearance from DiNozzo or Ziva.

Was there a hint in the 1000 episode celebration of Chris O’Donnell showing up? He was spotted at the party, which could mean we’ll get to see Callen. Maybe even a mention of Hetty?

How to watch the NCISverse 1000th episode

You will not want to miss out on the new episode. Here are all the tune-in details that you need for tonight. Don’t forget that Paramount+ is the place to stream the episode afterward.

Date: April 15
Start Time: 9/8c
Episode: Season 21, Episode 7, "A Thousand Yards"
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Stream 1|Stream 2

What to expect in NCIS Season 21, Episode 7

The episode is titled “A Thousand Yards,” and it will bring up a mysterious enemy from the past. It looks like it’s going to be all hands on deck to get to the bottom of the case. The show isn’t giving many details away, though.

What we do know is that the personal storyline is going to be focused on Vance. His estranged son turns up and Vance is desperate to mend fences. He wants to explain why the job is so important to him and why he chooses to stay there despite so many dangers. It’s not easy for children to understand, and sometimes, on the outside, we can question why a parent would make the choices Vance has. So, it’ll be interesting to see the explanation.

NCIS Season 22 is happening

In some great news, we learned that the show has been renewed for a 22nd season. Sean Murray recently talked about the future of the show, sharing that anything could happen and there is no guarantee that some characters will be there for the next season. Of course, that could be linked to him simply not knowing whether his fellow cast members want to leave or what the writing for the season looks like.

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NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.