Cold Justice sneak peek: Kelly Siegler discusses an unexpected risk factor

Kelly Siegler has worked many cold cases throughout her years, but there's one risk factor she used to overlook. She discusses that in this Cold Justice Season 7, Episode 7 sneak peek.
COLD JUSTICE-- Pictured: "Cold Justice" Key Art -- (Photo by: Oxygen)
COLD JUSTICE-- Pictured: "Cold Justice" Key Art -- (Photo by: Oxygen) /

Kelly Siegler is no stranger to cold cases and working through the facts years, and sometimes decades, after they have happened. She takes on another case in Cold Justice Season 7, Episode 7.

The new episode focuses on the disappearance of a woman back in 1999. It’s a case that continues to haunt the local police, both of the time and those who have come into the department since. Every few years, there will be mentions of the case and another attempt to figure it out.

The families need closure. It’s something that so many families go without, though. Siegler wants to make sure that the family of Kimberley Langwell gets the closure needed.

Cold Justice sneak peek: A matter of looks?

The sneak peek for Cold Justice Season 7, Episode 7 opens with Kelly heading to the Beaumont Police Department, where detectives there are ready to work with her to get some answers. She’s joined by Sgt. Jesus Tamayo, who was a patrol officer at the time of the disappearance.

Kelly shares how she had heard about the case back in 1999. Beaumont was not going to let this case go without a fight. Kimberley’s picture was constantly put up, but it didn’t lead to any good news.

As Kelly works through the facts, she also has a comment about one of the surprising risk factors for women. It’s something that she didn’t consider at first, and it’s only been working through numerous cold cases that she can see the connection.

Women who are pretty are more likely to be attacked. This is something that may be a thought at the back of our minds, but we don’t also want to voice it out-loud. The fact is that it’s true. Kelly brings this up because there are thoughts that Kimberley was taken by a man who had an obsession over her.

Take a look at the sneak peek for Cold Justice Season 7, Episode 7 below:

Here’s the synopsis for the episode to get ready for a delve into another cold case.

"Kelly and Abbey help the Beaumont Police Department investigate the 1999 disappearance of a popular single mother. Did one of the men seeking her affection take their obsession too far? "

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Cold Justice airs on Saturdays at 8/7c on Oxygen.