All the TV crime dramas coming to BritBox in January 2024

A new year brings new content. Here are all the crime dramas you can check out on BritBox in January.
Blind Spot -- Courtesy of BritBox
Blind Spot -- Courtesy of BritBox /

There is something for everyone when it comes to BritBox. Whether you want comedy or crime, you’ll find some great British shows and movies to watch on the platform.

Of course, we love our crime dramas. The good news is BritBox has plenty of shows for us to check out throughout the month of January. As we hit a slow time of year with little money, we need these shows to keep us company.

Not sure what to watch? Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s arriving with the way the release schedules are working.,

Blind Spot, Father Brown, and more

There are some notable releases. The first is Blind Spot, not to be mistaken with the U.S. series called Blindspot. This UK series follows a disabled woman who monitors CCTV footage on a rough estate. Hannah witnesses a violent crime in the estate and is sure the woman has been murdered. Is that really what the footage showed, though? Is there enough to go off for the police?

Then there’s the return of Mark Williams as Father Brown. He is back for the 11th season of the series, and there are 10 episodes to check out on a weekly basis. Yes, he’s back to help the police solve more crimes, and one of them seems to involve Sister Boniface.

All the crime dramas coming to BritBox in January 2024

Here’s a look at the full release of crime dramas on the streaming platform.

Jan. 4: Reyka Season 2

The South African series sees Reyka Dama return to investigate human trafficking, another depraved serial killer, and more.

There are eight episodes, released all at once.

Jan. 10: Blind Spot Season 1

As mentioned above, Hannah Quinn is a disabled woman who monitors the CCTV in her rough estate. When a woman is pulled into a blind spot in the cameras, Hannah is sure this woman has been murdered. However, the cops don’t seem as convinced,

There are four episodes, released all at once.

Jan. 17: Blue Lights Season 1

Grace, Annie, and Tommy are new police recruits in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They need to learn the ropes in this high-pressure environment. The team has to deal with communities divided, the struggle to know who to trust, and various criminal gangs in the city.

There are six episodes, released two episodes per week.

Jan. 23: Father Brown Season 11

Mark Williams returns as Father Brown. He needs to figure out new mysteries, including a murder at an arts and crafts faire and Sister Boniface finding herself in the middle of an investigation. Oh, and there’s a crime writing festival for him to deal with.

There are 10 episodes. The first two are released at once and then the rest will release once a week.

Jan. 29: Murderland Season 1

Carrie is the daughter of a murdered woman, Hain is the detective in charge of the case, and Sally is the murder victim. This series tells the story through the eyes of these characters as we learn why Sally was murdered and Carrie’s need to get to the bottom of the case. It turns out that Carrie holds the key to the killer, but is the past better off left there?

There are three episodes, all released at once.

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