All the crime dramas to expect on CBS in the 2024–2025 season so far

The 2024–2025 season on CBS is close to being finalized. Here's what we can expect in the schedule so far when it comes to crime dramas.
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While a lot of CBS shows have already been renewed, there are a few that remain on the bubble. Is there room in the schedule? We take a look at the crime dramas already set for the 2024–2025 schedule to see what the chances are for the shows on the bubble.

There are three shows that we’re most concerned about right now. NCIS: Hawaii, CSI: Vegas, The Equalizer, Elsbeth, and So Help Me Todd are the five CBS shows that remain on the bubble. And it looks like there may not be the room for them.

This doesn’t mean shows have to be canceled. CBS could opt for a similar route to the one taken with SEAL Team and EVIL, moving shows to Paramount+.

Crime dramas that are coming back in the 2024–2025 schedule

So far, a lot of the crime drama schedule looks to remain the same. We’ll definitely see the following shows return:

FBI: International
FBI: Most Wanted
Blue Bloods

SWAT was originally set to end with Season 7. Plans have now changed, and it has been picked up for a 22-episode Season 8.

Blue Bloods will only have eight episodes to air. That is unless CBS opts for a U-turn on that cancellation, too.

Crime dramas set to arrive on CBS in the new season

We already know that some shows will definitely get to appear in the 2024–2025 season. One of these shows was moved from this season to next due to the strike action, while others are shows that have been picked up straight to series.

This is only the crime dramas. There are comedies and other types of shows also picked up already.

We know we’ll get:

NCIS: Origins

Just a note that the Tony/Ziva NCIS spin-off is not coming to CBS. It will head straight to Paramount+ instead, and I think this hints that NCIS: Hawaii could potentially move there if there isn’t enough room in the current schedule.

Is there room in the CBS schedule for everything?

There will need to be some difficult decisions when it comes to cancellations. There just isn’t the room in the current CBS schedule. With two comedies already ordered to series, it means the idea of NCIS Mondays won’t work out. CBS will need the hour block on Mondays before NCIS for two of the comedies and then the other two will air on Thursdays. That’s likely, anyway.

With Blue Bloods only getting eight episodes and airing them in the fall, it will mean the midseason is open. There are chances that CSI: Vegas will be renewed for a shorter run compared to other shows, meaning that it airs in the midseason, as was originally the plan for this year.

I think there’s still room for The Equalizer on a Sunday, but that could come down to cost. Like Blue Bloods, that is not going to be a cheap show due to the cast. CBS testing out Tracker at 8 p.m. some nights could be a sign that The Equalizer is coming to an end.

The two I worry the most about are So Help Me Todd and Elsbeth. They could work out well on Paramount+ to keep them going, though.

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