Don't miss an episode of Criminal Record on Apple TV+ (Full release schedule)

Criminal Record premieres on Apple TV+ this week. It's only the first two episodes, though. Here's the full release schedule so you don't miss a beat.
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+
Criminal Record -- Courtesy of Apple TV+ /

Apple TV+ has a new crime drama for us to check out on a weekly basis. It’s all about Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo’s new series Criminal Record.

The first two episodes are out on Wednesday, Jan. 10. After that, the series is getting a weekly release, and you’re not going to want to miss a beat. The good news is we have the breakdown of when all the episodes will arrive.

Jan. 10: Episodes 1 and 2
Jan. 17: Episode 3
Jan. 24: Episode 4
Jan. 31: Episode 5
Feb. 7: Episode 6
Feb. 14: Episode 7
Feb. 21: Episode 8

The final will air on Wednesday, Feb. 21. This is when you’ll be able to binge-watch the series to see all the clues that you missed that gave the ending away.

How many episodes are in Criminal Record?

As you can see, this Apple TV+ series has eight episodes. It looks to be a limited series, although there are no details on that just yet.

This is a British series. It could mean that it’s written as a one-season series with the opportunity to extend into more seasons in the future. It will depend on how well it is received.

What we’ll likely see is that the case is solved and closed by the end of the first season. However, there may be some storylines that are left slightly open, as can happen with a limited series. This then allows for the writers to develop characters further should the show be renewed. It’s easy enough with a crime drama to find a new case to solve for the season.

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Criminal Record premieres on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, Jan. 10.