Father Brown Season 11 release schedule: When will new episodes come to BritBox?

Father Brown Season 11 arrives on BritBox in January. Here's the full release schedule you need.

Father Brown -- Courtesy of Gary Moyes/BBC Studios
Father Brown -- Courtesy of Gary Moyes/BBC Studios /

There is some great news for fans of Father Brown. The 11th season is about to premiere on BritBox.

It will arrive a little earlier in the UK than in North America. That’s not surprising. The UK networks are going to release their content first as much as possible—it’s just getting us back for us releasing our content months earlier.

At least we don’t need to wait for months for the new episodes of the 1950s priest-detective series. We only have to wait a couple of weeks.

The Father Brown Season 11 premiere airs on Tuesday, Jan. 23 on BritBox. However, we’re not getting all episodes at once. After all, the episodes will still be airing weekly in the UK. You’ll want the schedule to know when new episodes are out and when the finale will air.

Father Brown Season 11 release schedule

The first two episodes will drop on BritBox together on Tuesday, Jan. 23. After that, the episodes are going to be released weekly.

Take a look at the schedule

Tuesday, Jan. 23: Episodes 1 and 2

Tuesday, Jan. 30: Episode 3

Tuesday, Feb. 6: Episode 4

Tuesday, Feb. 13: Episode 5

Tuesday, Feb. 20: Episode 6

Tuesday, Feb. 27: Episode 7

Tuesday, March 5: Episode 8

Tuesday, March 12: Episode 9

Tuesday, March 19: Episode 10

Yes, there are 10 episodes to the season. Each episode is 45 minutes long, which matches the other releases throughout the years.

The finale airs on Tuesday, March 19. Then we’ll have to wait to see if the show will be renewed. As long as Mark Williams wants to keep doing the show, it’s likely to be renewed. This has become a popular series both in the UK and internationally.

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Father Brown Season 11 premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 23 on BritBox, available via Amazon Channels.