Can Grace and Stevie find a way to work together in Blue Lights?

Grace made it clear in the Blue Lights Season 2 premiere that she and Stevie can't be together romantically. Can they make things work as colleagues?
Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Stevie Neil (MARTIN MCCANN) and Grace Ellis (SIÂN BROOKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr
Blue Lights Series 2,First Look,First Look,Stevie Neil (MARTIN MCCANN) and Grace Ellis (SIÂN BROOKE),Two Cities Television,Christopher Barr /

Throughout the first season of Blue Lights, we had questions of whether Grace and Stevie would get together. There was an instant spark between them, and fans rallied to see them together.

In the end, Grace realized that they couldn’t be together. It’s not that the feelings aren’t there, but that they are colleagues. They can’t work together and be together at the same time.

Grace reminds Stevie of their relationship status in Blue Lights Season 2

In the Blue Lights Season 2, we see Stevie step in to protect Grace at times when it is unnecessary. Just look at the way she crouches down to the body of Ian Campbell. Stevie quickly steps in to tell her that there’s a syringe and he already has gloves, so she should step aside.

Then it comes to the call at the pharmacy. Stevie wants Grace to go around back, which actually turns into a more dangerous situation for her. Stevie thinks that the incident is going to be at the front of the pharmacy, though.

Grace calls him out on this when she realizes what had happened. She makes it clear that this is why they can’t be together. They can’t work together when Stevie is always trying to protect her. It undermines her.

Stevie proves he can’t stop himself in Blue Lights Season 2, Episode 2

Is there a chance that they can still work together, though? At first, it looks like he can, but then there’s an incident with Dixon. Grace makes it clear to Stevie that he needs to let her handle it, but it all gets out of control.

Of course, Dixon doesn’t respect Grace, so he doesn’t do as she says right away. Stevie stays in the car, watching as people gather around to watch the interaction between Grace and Dixon. It’s clear that he is uneasy, and eventually, he can’t take it anymore. As Dixon pushes Grace, Stevie rushes toward them and attacks Dixon.

This proves Gracie’s point. If it was anyone else, Stevie wouldn’t have immediately jumped in the way that he did. Grace is trained for handling something like that. This is surely something that will continue throughout the season while the two figure things out.

After all, everyone is noticing that the two have feelings for each other, but Grace is the one to say no. I love that she is setting boundaries, and we’re seeing Stevie try. His actions aren’t to disrespect her, but a moment of needing to protect her. That’s human nature when it comes to people we have feelings for. I hope to see more of this continue.

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