TV crime dramas heading to BritBox in June 2020

MI-5 Season 8 -- Courtesy of BritBox -- acquired via DKC
MI-5 Season 8 -- Courtesy of BritBox -- acquired via DKC /

All the TV crime dramas you can watch on BritBox in June 2020

BritBox has some great new arrivals in June 2020, but there’s little in the form of TV crime dramas. However, that doesn’t mean there’s absolutely nothing to watch.

The biggest arrivals are the Agatha Christie adaptations. They’re all TV movies making their way to the streamer throughout the month, so there is something different each week.

The other addition on the list is a spy drama. Of course, spy dramas bring crime, so we think it counts.

MI-5 Seasons 6 to 10

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The spy drama Is MI-5, with Seasons 6 to 10 dropping on the streaming service. Go into the world of espionage, organized crime, and terrorist activities. The team will need to subvert the plots for each of the seasons, while also lying to the people they love for a living. It’s not an easy life.

Part of what makes the show so endearing is the fact that we see the trouble in their personal lives. Then we get to see them as who they really are when they’re at work.

The seasons drop in full on June 5.

Agatha Christie movies

Three Agatha Christie TV movies will head to BritBox in June 2020. These are the TV crime dramas you’re likely the most excited about. After all, no matter how much you read Agatha Christie’s works, the novels never get old. That’s the same for the TV movies.

The first on the service is Agatha Christie’s Why Didn’t They Ask Evans. Released in 1980, this 210-minute movie stars James Warwick and Francesca Annis as Bobby Jones and Lady Frankie Derwent solve the mystery of one dying man’s words. And as you guessed it, the words are the title of the movie.

You can watch on June 12.

The second movie is Agatha Christie’s Seven Dials Mystery from 1981. This one lasts 150 minutes and is set in the late 1920s. Lady Eileen “Bundle” Brent can’t help but insinuate herself into murders, secrets, and mystery. There’s a secret society involved that you’ll want to keep an eye on.

Watch the movie on June 19.

Finally, Agatha Christie’s Secret Adversary is available. The 120-minute movie is an introduction into the Partners in Crime series of thrillers. James Warwick and Francesca Annis are back but this time as novice sleuths Tommy Bereford and Tuppence Cowley. Can they solve their crimes together?

You can watch on June 26.

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What are you watching on BritBox in June 2020? Which TV crime dramas from anywhere are a must-watch next month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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