Is Jodie Foster returning for True Detective Season 5? (Actress weighs in)

True Detective has been renewed for a fifth season, but it will be without one of Season 4's key players. Get the details.

Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO
Photograph by Michele K. Short/HBO /

Fans certainly connected to Chief Liz Danvers in True Detective Season 4. They now want to see more of her, but is that going to happen?

We know that True Detective Season 5 is happening. Issa López is even returning as showrunner. That gave fans some hope that we would see Jodie Foster back in the lead. The hopes were quickly smashed as the actress weighed in on her potential return.

True Detective is an anthology series. Each season has focused on a different case, with different detectives, in different locations. López isn’t changing that theme, which means no more Danvers.

Jodie Foster confirms she won’t be back for True Detective Season 5

Jodie Foster confirmed that the series would remain an anthology. According to Variety, she shared that her time on the series was “one and done.”

It doesn’t sound like she wouldn’t be interested if there was an opportunity, but that there isn’t an opportunity. One of the things that makes some shows so successful is the anthology set up. It allows us to get to know new characters, and some of the cases seem more realistic. After all, how much can one person face in a lifetime?

López had also shared with The Hollywood Reporter that she thought it was more interesting to do drama with characters who still needed to grow. She’d allowed the characters in Night Country to grow, and there wouldn’t be as much entertainment in that.

There are no details about the fifth season just yet. That isn’t too surprising. A lot of shows like to keep as much as possible under wraps. Plus, the series has only just been renewed, so the writing team will need to get to work on crafting the story.

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True Detective is available to stream on Max.