These 10 Irish crime shows will make a great St. Patrick's Day watch

As St. Patrick's Day rolls around, here are 10 great Irish crime shows to check out.
Photo: The Dublin Murders.. Image Courtesy Steffan Hill, Starz
Photo: The Dublin Murders.. Image Courtesy Steffan Hill, Starz /
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Photo: The Dublin Murders.. Image Courtesy Steffan Hill, Starz /

Dublin Murders

With a title like that, it’s no surprise this show should pop up on the list. It’s almost like an Irish version of True Detective as two detectives investigate the murder of a young boy and unravel the secrets of their respective pasts. As they dig deeper, they soon uncover the mysteries of this small Irish town. 

Adapting the novels by Sarah Phelps, the series is moody and dark yet that unique Irish charm that makes it compelling viewing. The main cops are good with a top supporting cast and twists that keep you guessing. While it ran only one season (there are hopes for another), it’s still a top show to see on St. Patrick’s Day.

Dublin Murders is now streaming on Starz

Acceptable Risk/Hidden Assets

These two shows have Irish in their blood, building on an initial mystery for a much bigger case. Elaine Cassidy is a woman rocked when her husband is murdered. As she aids in the investigation, she discovers his ties to a mob family and a long-ago murder that put her in danger. 

Acceptable Risk was successful enough that one character, Detective Emer Berry (Angeline Ball), got her own spinoff, Hidden Assets. Here, the Irish cop stumbles onto a smuggling case that sends her to Antwerp, where she and a female anti-terrorist agent are soon unraveling a deadly conspiracy. Bouncing between Ireland and Belgium provides plenty of thrills to make it even better than the original show.

Both Acceptable Risk and Hidden Assets are available on Acorn TV.