Land of Women release schedule: When are new episodes of the Eva Longoria series out?

Eva Longoria stars as Gala, a woman on the run in Land of Women. The first two episodes are out now, but what about the remaining episodes of the series?
Land of Women on Apple TV+
Land of Women on Apple TV+ /

If you love crime dramedies, then Land of Women is the new show for you. This Apple TV+ series stars Eva Longoria as Gala, and it has everything you need for laughter and drama.

Gala has the perfect life. At least, that’s what she believes. The New York socialite doesn’t need to worry about money or freedom. That is until she does.

What is Land of Women about?

When her husband borrows money from the wrong people and then fails to repay it, the entire family is forced to get out of New York. In fact, they need to get out of the country! They head to Spain, to a small town where the criminals shouldn’t find them.

They’re not alone, either. Along for the ride is Gala’s aging mother, Julia, and the couple’s teenage daughter Kate. To make matters worse for Julia, she’d fled the northern Spanish town 50 years ago and vowed never to come back. How can they take on new identities when people could recognize Julia.

Of course, gossip spreads. People want to know who the new family is and why they’re so private. With deep family secrets and a couple of hitmen after them, the family will need to figure out how to survive.

Land of Women release schedule

The first two episodes of the Eva Longoria series are already available to watch. The rest of the series will be released weekly. Episodes drop at 3 a.m. ET/12 a.m. PT on Apple TV+, so that’s when you can watch each episode on their release dates. Here’s the full schedule:

June 26: Episodes 1 & 2
July 3: Episode 3
July 10: Episode 4
July 17: Episode 5
July 24: Episode 6

There are only six episodes to this miniseries. It will come to an end with the sixth episode, so we should see if the family get away with not having to repay the debt, and whether other family secrets will save or hinder them.

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Land of Women is available to stream on Apple TV+.