Murderesses lands a May premiere date on Viaplay (get the details)

We enter a world of toxic masculinity, organized crime, and true crime stories with Murderesses. Get all the details of the new Viaplay series here.
Murderesses -- Courtesy of Viaplay
Murderesses -- Courtesy of Viaplay /

Are you ready for a new crime drama that focuses on a woman getting answers about her father’s mysterious disappearance? Viaplay brings all six episodes of Murderesses to the streaming platform this month.

The series is based on a true crime book by Katarzyna Bonda. If you haven’t checked out the book yet, do so before watching the series. It won’t ruin the storyline; I can promise you that!

What is Murderesses about?

The new series is a six-part binge-watch series coming to Viaplay on Tuesday, May 21. Yes, all six episodes are available as once.

The series follows Karolina, a recent graduate from the police academy in Poland. She graduates with honors, but that doesn’t mean she will be respected in the workplace. After all, she’s the only woman in her department, surrounded by men who think only they can do the job. She promises to treat the toxic culture in the workplace the same way that she does dealing with criminals on the street.

She isn’t going to let this stop her from getting justice for her father. He was a cop too, and he battled organized crime. However, one day he went missing and he was never found. Now she wants to get to the bottom of the case, which leads to her mother’s shocking confession and a battle with higher ranking officers. The police aren’t always the good guys!

The true stories behind Murderesses

The series itself is based on Bonda’s novel Polish Murderesses. Bonda is a former court reporter, and she wrote the book to show that life isn’t black and white. We all have the ability to be the protagonist or the antagonist in a story, and sometimes, the lines blur.

At the time of writing the novel, there were several women facing trials for murder in Warsaw, and the media immediately showed them as evil, merciless beasts. However, they killed for various reasons, and their stories were not all the same. There was always the question about how the women could end up doing what they did, though.

So, rather than assume, Bonda opted to do interviews and learn more about the murderesses. Now that book is being adapted into a series to further the stories.

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Murderesses drops on Viaplay in full on Tuesday, May 21.