My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 2 recap: Game, set, murder

Alexa and Madison end up in the world of tennis in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 2. They also deal with another private detective working the case.
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Sara Hewson/AcornTV
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Sara Hewson/AcornTV /

Madison gets a game of tennis in during My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 2. It’s all about the case, of course!

Caution: We’re delving into spoilers for My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 2 in this post.

As usual, we start the episode with Harry bringing Alexa a case. It’s another one that the cops can’t solve, and it takes Alexa into the world of tennis. It also leads to another private eye working the case, and this one doesn’t have the experience Alexa does.

An affair gone wrong in My Life Is Murder Season 4, Episode 2?

The case starts with Alexa learning that the victim, Griff, may have been having an affair. His wife, Verity, hired a private detective to find this out. There were photos that hinted at a potential affair, but that didn’t matter anymore. Verity wanted to find out who killed her husband.

Was it a case of her trying to avoid suspicion, though? Alexa works through the case to realize that it wasn’t her at all. Sure, she had an affair with Callum, another tennis coach, but it was a one-time thing as a way for both of them to get revenge against Griff. They didn’t want him dead.

So, Alexa turned her attention to others. The one thing that Alexa kept coming back to was the fact that it looked like a ball machine had caused a tennis ball to kill him. However, the tennis ball launcher didn’t go fast enough to kill. So, what was it?

Hiring the murderer to find the murderer in My Life Is Murder

Everything was right under Alexa’s nose. There was a reason the private detective, Christine, was following Alexa and Madison around everywhere. It wasn’t just so that she’d solve the murder first.

While talking to Taylor, one of Griff’s tennis students, Alexa realized that Griff had a history of abuse and bullying. Then Madison found out that Christine’s surname was her married name. A dive into her maiden name told them everything.

Christine was once a tennie protégé. She was one of Griff’s students, and the minute that Griff no longer saw financial potential in her, he discarded her. That hurt, and when Christine was hired by Verity to snoop on Griff, she had a chance to set up a murder. She could set up her camera to take photos for a time stamp, and then she could go off to kill Griff that night.

Griff had an older tennis ball laucher, which he’d rigged to go much faster. It was also clear a billard ball had done the murdering. With this put together and Christine no longer with an alibi, Alexa managed to put it all together. Christine was the one to kill Griff with his own contraption.

And so, the murderer was hired to find herself. Of course she wanted to keep an eye on Alexa and Madison to see just how much they knew. That’s another case closed.

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