My Life Is Murder Season 4 premiere recap: Death by dye?

When a wealthy socialite is killed, questions arise about whether she was actually murdered or whether it was accidental. Alexa Crowe notices a few things in the case.
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV
My Life is Murder_Season 4, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Matt Klitscher/AcornTV /

Alexa Crowe gets a chance to see who the other side lives in the My Life Is Murder Season 4 premiere. It’s all in the name of solving a murder.

Caution: We’re delving into spoilers for the My Life Is Murder Season 4 premiere in this recap.

The episode starts with Harry turning to Alexa for help with a new case. The coroner has noted that the cause of death was accidental. It was a case of dry drowning drinking champagne too quickly. It’s clear to Alexa that Harry doesn’t believe that, and so she starts looking into the case.

Sure enough, this was murder. However, Alexa needs to figure out what the socialite did for three hours to figure out who the murderer is.

Madison’s knowledge of gossip columns come in use in My Life Is Murder

Madison does a deep dive on Lulu’s bank statements. This shows the last place she was at where she used her card was at a coffee shop. It still leaves a couple of hours unaccounted for.

As Alexa realizes that a photo of Lulu earlier in the day shows that Lulu must have had her roots touched up, Madison looks at payments for a hair salon. It turns out that Lulu went to one of the most prestigious salons in the city, but not that day. At least, that’s what the records show.

With some lies and a memory stick, Alexa and Madison figure a few things out. Someone at this prestigious salon was filming the clients and collecting gossip. That gossip was then sold to someone who runs a gossip blog, which Madison knows all about. She gets the chance to find out who is actually behind the gossip column.

It turned out that the gossip column was run by Lulu’s friend and PR specialist, Chloe. Chloe would take the gossip and write about it under a pen name, and then she would help those clients deal with the bad publicity. She had nothing to do with Lulu’s murder, though. She only gets to remain in the house she’s in because she’s the guardian of the cat that Lulu left her fortune to!

Alexa knows it’s a hairstylist in the My Life Is Murder Season 4 premiere

That leads to Alexa having to figure out which of the two hairstylists did it. There’s Lawrence, the owner of the salon, and there’s Jett, who Lulu may have gone to see in the hours before she died.

Lulu did go to see Jett, but not for her hair. She went to Jett to see a rental they were looking at. Lulu and Jett were going into business together, and Lawrence felt betrayed. He didn’t want to lose one of is best stylists and didn’t want Lulu recommending someone else as she sent her friends to Lawrence in the first place.

It didn’t take too long for Alexa to figure it all out. Lawrence caught Lulu and Jett going to see the rental, which they put a deposit on. When Lulu needed her roots touched up, she went to see Lawrence, who gladly did it and used that time to cover Lulu’s face with a flannel and pour champagne over her, killing her.

Sadly, things didn’t end too well for Jett. He had put all his life savings into opening his own business and without Lulu, it was all for nothing. Lawrence had also fired him. Although maybe there is an opening now that Lawrence will be serving 25 to life.

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