NCIS: Origins finds its young Jackson Gibbs in a Longmire vet

The NCIS: Origins cast continues to grow. The latest update is the casting of Gibbs's father, Jackson Gibbs.
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We knew when NCIS: Origins was ordered, there were a few NCIS characters who would need to come back from the dead. One of them is Gibbs’s father, Jackson Gibbs.

Now in the original series, Gibbs’s father was played by the late, great Ralph Waite. Jackson’s death was written in to honor the death of Waite. We don’t see it happen on-screen. Instead, Vance pulls Gibbs into his office to deliver the news that Jackson had a stroke and died. After years of difficulty with his father and a chance to reconcile, Gibbs was understandably shocked and saddened by the loss.

NCIS: Origins takes us to a younger Gibbs, set shortly after the deaths of his wife and daughter, Shannon and Kelly. That means a younger version of Jackson, and now the show has cast the role.

Longmire vet Robert Taylor will play Jackson Gibbs in NCIS: Origins

Robert Taylor will take on the role, according to TVLine. These are going to be big boots to fill, but I think we can say that about any character on this series. Austin Stowell is taking on the role of Gibbs, while Kyle Schmid will play Mike Franks. Both of these characters are beloved in the flagship series.

Jackson is described as being hard-nosed in the prequel series. We know that the Gibbs men didn’t always see eye-to-eye. There was tension when the two came together in the flagship series, but over the seasons, they began to live in harmony. We’ll get to see before the reconciliation, which likely means plenty of arguments.

Jackson won’t be in every episode. Taylor is set to guest star in the series.

Two more cast members join NCIS: Origins

The prequel series has also added two other recurring guest stars. The first is Daniel Bellomy, who will play a “probie,” Special Agent Granville “Granny” Dawson. Granny is ready to work his way up the ranks and wants to become a field agent. For now, he’s the Evidence Custodian’s assistant.

Then there’s Caleb Martin Foote, who will play Special Agent Benjamin “Randy” Randolf. Randy is described as the “Golden Boy,” and he is the one who needs to show Agent Gibbs around the office and teach him the ways of Franks. It turns out that he’s a father of twins, so he has learned all about what it takes to be patient. He’s likely going to need that with a young Gibbs around.

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