Do you need to watch The Gentlemen movie before the Netflix series?

The Gentlemen series is now available to stream on Netflix, and it's certainly worth the watch. Do you need to watch the 2019 movie first?

The Gentlemen - Christopher Rafael/Netflix
The Gentlemen - Christopher Rafael/Netflix /

When a lot of creators develop movies and shows in the same universe, there is some sort of crossover. We take a look at whether that’s the case with The Gentlemen movie and series.

The Gentlemen series is now available on Netflix. It stars Theo James as Eddie, the second son of a Duke who dies. Usually, the title, money, and estate would pass on to the eldest son, but that isn’t the case here. Eddie, and his older brother Freddy, are surprised to find out that Eddie has been named as the heir.

In the 2019 movie of the same name, an American comes to the UK and builds a weed business. It becomes so successful that when he comes to retire, word gets out. Of course, everyone wants a way into that business, leading to some crazy schemes and absurd storylines.

You don’t need to watch The Gentlemen movie before the show

If you haven’t seen the 2019 movie yet, don’t worry about it. You can still jump into the Netflix series right now. There is absolutely no connection between the two despite them both being by Guy Ritchie and having the same title.

None of the actors are the same, none of the plotlines are the same, nothing. They just happen to be set in the same universe.

Of course, that could just be for now. There’s a chance that Ritchie wanted to make this accessible to those who hadn’t watched the movie. Maybe that was something Netflix wanted when it greenlit the initial project. We’re sure to see the series continue, and that could lead to some sort of crossover with the movie events. Even just a mention of the movie events would work.

Will you get anything if you do watch the movie first? Are there at least any Easter eggs? There’s nothing, except for Ritchie’s usual style of directing, which is fun and completely absurd.

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The Gentlemen is available to stream on Netflix.