12 new crime shows we're most excited about in 2024

2024 has an amazing new mix of crime shows to enjoy. Here's a look at a dozen that's getting us more excited.
The Brothers Sun. Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun in episode 102 of The Brothers Sun. Cr. Michael Desmond/Netflix © 2023
The Brothers Sun. Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun in episode 102 of The Brothers Sun. Cr. Michael Desmond/Netflix © 2023 /
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Chapter 1: “Rare”
Death and Other Details -- Chapter 1: “Rare” - Episode 101 -- An impossible, locked room murder on a luxury ocean liner. The only viable suspect? Imogene Scott. To prove her innocence and find the real killer, she has to work with the man she hates most: Rufus Cotesworth. The World’s Greatest Detective. Imogene Scott (Violett Beane) and Rufus Cotesworth (Mandy Patinkin), shown. (Photo by: Michael Desmond/Hulu) /

Death and Other Details

If you’re a Hulu subscriber who loves Only Murders in the Building, you’ll get a kick out of this new dramedy, Death and Other Details. It’s a classic setup as a cruise for rich folks is interrupted by a locked-room murder mystery. Luckily, the world’s greatest detective, Rufus Coteworth (Emmy winner Mandy Patinkin) happens to be on board and ready to solve it. 

Violet Beane plays the prime suspect who becomes Rufus’s partner, despite how she hates him for never solving her mother’s murder. Together, they have to navigate this complex web of deceit on the cruise ship and figure out the truth in a nice satire of the rich and a fun murder mystery.

Death and Other Details premieres on Hulu on Tuesday, Jan. 16

"Show Me The Murder"
Wildcards --"Show Me The Murder" -- Photo Credit: Katie Yu/The CW -- © 2023 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved /

Wild Cards

The CW once more reaches out to Canada for the new crime caper Wild Cards. Vanessa Morgan of Riverdale is Max, a veteran con artist finally arrested by the cops. When she supplies info on how to catch a bigger crook, the upper brass decides to make her the partner for Giacomo Gianniotti’s detective.

Expect some great banter between them, with Morgan pulling off con games and Gianniotti trying to be by the book. Jason Priestly is also a good addition as Morgan’s imprisoned father, as this series promises fun for those who love mismatched crime-solving couples.

Wild Cards premieres on The CW on Wednesday, Jan. 17.