Reacher Season 2, Episode 7 recap: Who's in danger in the penultimate episode?

The penultimate episode of Reacher Season 2 had Reacher and the team put in a bad space as things are heating up!

Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Reacher kicked things up a notch for the penultimate episode that promises a dark ride as we race to the Season 2 finale! Here’s a rundown of the happenings.

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for Reacher Season 2, Episode 7

What’s worse than Reacher in a regular mood? Reacher ticked off when a new ally like Russo is killed

The episode started with the team getting Marlo and her daughter to safety in a hotel. Dixon offered to get them to safety with an old friend of hers. Reacher showed that babysitting isn’t among his skills as he told the kid they’d be okay, but “we just have to kill a few more people.”

Dixon and O’Donnell sent the pair off, with Dixon telling O’Donnell he had a family and would understand if he backed out. He brushed off the idea. 

Reacher tracked down Marsh, ignoring the man’s defense of not wanting Russo dead. Marsh didn’t know anything about the missiles but that Grant, the guy Neagley ran over, was still alive in the hospital. Marsh then made the mistake of going for his gun, giving Reacher the excuse to kill him. 

Why was the Special Investigations Unit disbanded?

In a long flashback, we saw how Reacher defied orders to go after the drug-dealing gang of soldiers. He told the unit he knew this would get blowback but couldn’t let it stand. He gave them the chance to walk away, but they all stood by him.

The team busted the soldiers only for their dealer partners to show up, instigating a firefight. The team celebrated the win when their superior officer showed up, chewing them out and disbanding the unit while they knew they did the right thing. 

While A.M. got the missiles, Reacher and Neagley headed to the hospital to interrogate Grant. They got him to talk about where Langston was going to meet the buyer. Reacher then made it look like the guy died of an embolism as payback for Russo. 

What big move did Langston make in Reacher Season 2?

Hilariously, just as Reacher and Neagley were leaving, they spotted a hitman who’d been sent to silence Grant himself. They chased him for a brief fight, with Reacher killing him.

Reacher then called up Langston on the guy’s phone only to find Langston was a step ahead. He’d managed to track down Dixon and O’Donnell with both being given some nasty beatings. If Reacher wanted them alive, he’d have to give himself up.

Reacher reached out to Senator Lavoy to accept the guy’s help with a security detail. Reacher and Neagley scoped out the New Age facility, Reacher getting an idea after seeing security handle some rowdy teenagers.

Reacher assured Neagley he could handle whatever torture Langston had in mind and had his best soldier watching his back. The episode ended with Reacher marching into the facility with Langston waiting while Dixon and O’Donnell were strapped to gurneys.

So the stage is set for the final showdown, and knowing Reacher, it’s going to be a bloody one. 

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The Reacher Season 2 finale official streams on Friday, Jan. 19 on Prime Video.