Which book is Reacher Season 3 based on?

Reacher is already working on Season 3 and we now know which book it's based on and who's coming back for it.

Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video
Reacher -- Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video /

Reacher has revealed which plotline will be used for Season 3. Find out what crazy adventures our favorite burly soldier gets into for the Prime Video series.

Based on the novels by Lee Child, Reacher focuses on Jack Reacher, a former soldier in a special army intelligence unit. Reacher is notable first for his incredible strength, able to smash apart guys with ease and even break handcuffs. He’s also an investigative genius who can size someone up in seconds and spot clues even experienced detectives miss. Drifting around the country with little more than the clothes on his back, Reacher keeps landing in some trouble. 

While Tom Cruise played the role in two movies, Alan Ritchson takes on the role for the Prime Video series. The first season adapted Killing Floor, the first Reacher novel by Child. Season 2 adapted Bad Luck and Trouble as Reacher teamed up with his former Special Investigation Unit allies to find out who was hunting members of their team. 

It was a good season, ending in a wild finale with Reacher and the gang stopping a conspiracy to sell weapons to terrorists. It ended with Reacher foregoing millions of dollars to continue his vagabond existence. 

Season 3 had already been set for Prime Video and now fans know which book it’s based on. 

Which Reacher book is adapted for Season 3?

Per Variety, the third season will adapt Child’s 2003 book, Persuader, which is the seventh in the Reacher series. The official logline is that “Reacher must go undercover to rescue an informant held by a haunting foe from his past.”

A big turn is that it’s confirmed Maria Sten will reprise her role as Reacher’s ally, Frances Neagley. It’s interesting as Neagley isn’t actually in the book, but Sten has made the character a fan favorite, so it makes sense she’s the only regular face besides Richtson coming back. 

Season 3 is currently shooting in Toronto, with no further word on who else is in the cast. 

Reacher fans know which book is the basis for the new season, although it’s likely to make a few changes while keeping to the same mix of action and drama Reacher fans love.

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Reacher is streaming on Prime Video.