Who survived the wild Reacher Season 2 finale?

The Reacher Season 2 finale was a wild one but how did it all unfold for Reacher and his unit against their enemies?

Reacher season 2
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Reacher closed out Season 2 with a wild finale that brought all the various plot elements together! Find out who lived and died in this finale and what's next for Reacher and the gang!

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for the Reacher Season 2 finale

"Fly Boy" kicked off with Reacher being held captive by Langston even as he assured the gang this was part of the plan. He refused to be handcuffed until Langston put a bullet into O'Donnell's leg. Outside, Neagley took out a pair of guards. 

Langston finally realized Reacher was lying about Neagley being dead, as he'd planned to get the missiles and recover something from this mess. He then revealed Swan had been dead for some time, Langston was using his codes to frame him for this whole thing, making it look like Swan was selling the weapons chips and then ran off. Langston smugly showing off the jar containing Swan's eyeball and thumb for the scanners signed his death warrant. 

Outside, Neagley posed as one of those troublesome teenagers to distract security while Lavoy's personal security team parachuted onto the roof. Just as Langston was loading Dixon and O'Donnell onto a helicopter, the lights went out and all hell broke loose. 

What happened to Langston in the Reacher Season 2 finale?

Reacher broke out of his cuffs as Neagley burst in and the pair began a wild firefight against Langston's goons. Reacher literally smashed through doors to get outside as the helicopter took off and, to Neagley's shock, managed to grab onto the outside of it. 

Langston was prepping to dump out Dixon and O'Donnell, opening the doors and couldn't believe Reacher was climbing inside. A fight broke out between Reacher, Langston and a goon with Dixon's gurney sent out the ramp before Reacher grabbed it.

The main goon attacked Reacher, who was able to hold onto the gurney long enough for Dixon to free herself and stab the goon. Dixon held the pilot at knifepoint while Langston, realizing he was screwed, begged for his life, assuming Reacher needed him to find the missiles. Reacher dryly said, "Assumptions kill," and sent Langston flying out of the copter. 

What happened to A.M.?

As it happened, Reacher knew the pilot knew where the sale was happening, so he didn't need Langston. At a small ranch, A.M. arrived with his driver killed by Reacher. Confronted by the gang, A.M. refused to give up his buyer, trying to calmly explain he was just a middleman and they should respect him as fellow professionals...and that was as far as he got before Reacher shot him in the abdomen and the entire unit unloaded a hail of bullets into the killer. 

The pilot and engineer who'd been ready to install the guidance chips begged for their lives as just bystanders in this. Reacher appeared to let them go in a helicopter, but Neagley proved those chips worked by firing a rocket launcher to take it down. 

Lavoy's team then pulled a double cross, ready to silence Reacher's team to make sure there were no loose ends. But Reacher had anticipated this and dropped a call to his Homeland Security buddies, who showed up just in time. The head agent let Reacher do the honors of calling Lavoy to tell him this was Reacher's "win-win" scenario and held up the phone so the others could hear Lavoy being arrested. 

How did Reacher Season 2 end?

The diners at a local waffle house were naturally taken aback at the quartet of bleeding, battered soldiers walking in for breakfast while the news talked of a helicopter crash and Lavoy's arrest.

The gang mused on what to do with the $65 million A.M. had, giving it to Reacher as "no one cares less about money than you." In a montage, we saw Reacher distributing the money to the families of Russo, Swan, and their other fallen unit members, along with an animal shelter, church and other charities Reacher had met along the way. 

Reacher wasn't done as he set up around-the-clock care for Neagley's ailing father, a college fund for O'Donnell's kids, and money for Dixon to start her own company. As for him? "I bought a new toothbrush." The gang took a photo together.

Reacher and Dixon had one last night together, with both acknowledging this fling was just settling old feelings, and they weren't couple material. She then handed Reacher a toothbrush, urging him to buy something for himself. 

Reacher's idea for a good buy was a one-year bus pass to let him travel anywhere he wanted. Neagley followed him to the bus station, telling Reacher they were family and he should contact them more. 

The final scene had Reacher on the bus, and when asked where he was going, he smiled, "I have no idea." Thus, Reacher continues his nomadic life, and it's sure wherever he goes in Season 3, it's going to be in the middle of trouble. 

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