8 reasons why The Gentlemen on Netflix has become a new hit crime show

The Gentlemen has become one of Netflix's biggest recent hits. Here are eight reasons why folks are loving Guy Ritchie's wild crime thriller, and why you need to watch.

Theo James as Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen
Theo James as Eddie Horniman in The Gentlemen /

The Gentlemen is Netflix's latest hit series with viewers going wild for it. It's been topping the list of the ten most watched programs on the streamer since it premiered on Thursday, March 7, and there is a strong possibility it will get a second season. So here's a few reasons to check out this wild new series!

Created by Guy Ritchie and based on his 2019 movie, The Gentlemen stars Theo James as Edward "Eddie" Horniman, a soldier who returns to his lavish estate home in Halstead, England, when his father is dying. Eddie expects the home and title of Duke to pass to his older brother Freddy (Daniel Ings), but is shocked he's inheriting it himself. The reason is soon obvious as Freddy is a coke-addicted moron who would bankrupt the estate quickly, and that's before Eddie learns the guy is millions of pounds in debt to some mobsters.

Eddie is then approached by Susie Glass (Kaya Scodelario), who reveals that Eddie's dad has been using part of the estate grounds for a weed-growing empire operated by Susie's mobster father. Now, as Eddie navigates his place in a criminal world, he has to fight to survive a coming war. 

The show has become notable for its unique style and a few good reasons to make it your next Netflix binge!

1. It's a Guy Ritchie TV show all right

Only Guy Ritchie could create this series. It's obvious how it carries the director's unique flavor from the wild storylines to a mix of action and black comedy, all done at a frantic pace. Ritchie's DNA is in the series, cramming some wild moments no one else could dare invent.

Take how now and then, when someone talks about the logistics of a criminal deal, the screen will show hand-scribbled notes explaining it. The show bounces around timelines and carries some colorful language that makes it feel authentic in how British crooks would talk. Somehow, it all comes together and proves Ritchie can make a TV show that's as daring and unique as any of his big-screen films. 

2. Eddie is a compelling lead

James makes for a compelling lead actor in the show. Eddie's cool demeanor carries the show as he tries to navigate the increasingly complex criminal world he inherited. James may seem flat at times, but that only proves Eddie's quiet resolve and his desire to avoid violence when he can. His smooth talking is a good asset to the show. 

When it comes to action, Eddie can back it up with great skills in either a fistfight or a gun battle. That comes up majorly in the final episodes with James becoming another great entry in the long list of Ritchie leading characters. 

The Gentlemen
The Gentlemen - Cr: Netflix /

3. Susie's struggles on The Gentlemen are enthralling

James is nicely matched by Scodelario, who makes Susie a very intriguing character. She's wonderfully cool and collected in any situation, able to put dangerous thugs in their place, and her clipped accent makes her delivery better. For most of the show, she's nicely in control as she makes moves to help her family, even as she and Eddie engage in a battle of wits for control of the estate. 

The later episodes show more facets of Susie, a woman trying to prove herself to her father and struggling to escape his shadow. A personal tragedy unleashes her dark side, and her impulsive nature can cause problems. Either way, Scodelario makes the character wonderful to watch, even if you can't always trust her. 

The Gentlemen. Cr: Netflix. /

4. Freddy highlights the great supporting cast of The Gentlemen

As one would expect from a Guy Ritchie project, The Gentlemen has a great supporting cast playing some unique characters. The highlight is Ings, who steals every scene as Freddy. He's an idiot who thinks he's smarter than he is, and his bumbling causes more problems for everyone. Yet he also produces huge laughs with his nutty lines and behavior while still a brotherly bond with Eddie.

There's also Joely Richardson as the duo's mother, who knows more about what's going on than they think; Ray Winstone as Susie's mobster dad, who treats his prison like a resort; Michael Vu as the chief weed grower, who samples his product too much; Giancarlo Esposito as a "businessman" with his own plans for the estate; and Ritchie's old pal Vinnie Jones as the groundskeeper, who has a surprising connection to the family. The rest of the supporting cast is just as great to make even brief characters shine. 

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5. The Gentlemen's action can be bloody

Guy Ritchie has never shied away from violence in his work, so it's no surprise this series goes all out for it. The blood flows wildly in crazy gun battles, torture sessions gone wrong or even simple accidents. It can be crazy, but Ritchie gives it a unique flair, like an underground shootout, and makes some moments come out of nowhere to be more shocking.

Some moments may seem cartoonish yet fit the show's style and keeps it from going too far. It does serve the story even if the violence can push Netflix's censor limit to the utmost yet raises the stakes in the clash of criminal gangs. 

6. The black comedy in The Gentleman is just as wild

What keeps the show going too far with the violence is the wicked black comedy abounding. Take how one brutal killing is preceded by a guy forced to dance in a chicken outfit. Or someone who's a huge admirer of Adolf Hitler, not as a dictator but as an artist. Or Vu, not quite grasping he'd been kidnapped and his attempts to get home.

Even Eddie and Susie aren't immune to it with them taking part in a party that gets out of control. Few creators are able to shock you one minute, then make you laugh the next, including stuff you shouldn't be laughing at like Ritchie does. That wicked humor with a British touch helps set this show apart. 

The Gentlemen - Netflix /

7. The Gentlemen keeps you guessing

From the start, The Gentlemen enjoys laying out some twists from Eddie inheriting the estate to the revelation of the drug operation happening there. That keeps up as the show enjoys setting up a situation than shocking viewers as to what's really happening.

That counts for the characters as it's never quite sure if Eddie and Susie are truly allies or not thanks to each having their own loyalties. Toss in the complex game being played for control of the estate and the show keeps you on your toes to make for exciting viewing.

8. The Gentlemen is just breezy enough to enjoy

The show does pack in more twists and turns than U.S. network show seasons, yet it only runs eight episodes. That makes it a breezy show with no episode containing filler or feeling bloated. It's meant to be a pure romp, and when it's firing on all cylinders, it can rank among Ritchie's best projects in years and be a great binge. 

The show has some weight but doesn't take itself too seriously, and the mix of a street crime drama with an upscale elite comedy works beautifully. It's also the obvious Guy Ritchie touches from the outlandish characters to style. Put it all together and it's no surprise The Gentlemen is one of the best new crime shows of 2024 and one worth binging on.

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The Gentlemen is now streaming on Netflix.