Shermar Moore is open to returning to Criminal Minds

Shemar Moore has opened up about shows he was on before his SWAT days. One of those is Criminal Minds.
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We would love to see Shemar Moore return to Criminal Minds, even if it was just for an episode. It turns out that the SWAT star would be open to returning, if schedules and storylines aligned.

Moore is no stranger to reprising roles that he has left. He turned up in the 50th anniversary of The Young and the Restless back in May 2023. It was a surprise return for many, especially with SWAT on the air.

When it turned out that SWAT was set to end with Season 7, there were a few questions for Moore about whether he would reprise his role again in The Young and the Restless. He not only said yes to that, but also made it clear that if he was asked back to Criminal Minds, he would do it.

Could Shemar Moore return to Criminal Minds?

Of course, now eyes are on schedule possibilities. It was much easier to encourage Criminal Minds to write Agent Derek Morgan into the series when SWAT was set to end with its current seventh season. However, CBS has since made a shock U-turn on the cancellation once again. There is now going to be an eighth season.

So, could a return happen? Nothing is completely off the table, but it is a little harder. The production schedule for SWAT is intense, especially around the time that Criminal Minds ends up filming. That’s assuming Evolution will land a third season after the forced break the show had between its first two seasons.

In some good news, both SWAT and Criminal Minds film predominately in California. They are close enough to each other that Moore could potentially swing by to help the BAU on a case. There just needs to be the storyline for Morgan to need to come into the story, especially considering there are so many capable team members already. At least we know Moore is willing to come back.

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