Snowpiercer Season 4 should still arrive on Netflix internationally

Snowpiercer Season 4 has changed home in the United States. However, episodes should still head to Netflix elsewhere around the world.
Snowpiercer Season 4 -- Courtesy of AMC
Snowpiercer Season 4 -- Courtesy of AMC /

It’s been a long wait for Snowpiercer Season 4. In fact, there were times we feared that we wouldn’t get it.

Well, the show found a new home in the United States. We’ll get the season starting on Sunday, July 21 on AMC and AMC+. Now fans around the world wonder what this change in the U.S. means for the Netflix deal. Will fans still get to stream the episodes weekly on Netflix the following day?

The Netflix deal for Snowpiercer doesn’t seem to have changed

It’s unclear if something has happened with the Netflix deal. It doesn’t sound like it has changed. At least, there is no word on it changing. I did always find it odd though that Netflix didn’t save the series in the U.S. considering it already had the international licensing rights.

The international licensing rights would have been set up with the production studio and not TNT, which originally aired the first three seasons. When TNT canceled the show and the episodes were removed from Max in the U.S., nothing changed for the series around the rest of the world. The episodes remained on Netflix.

This would suggest, then, that the international deal still holds. Snowpiercer Season 4 should arrive on Netflix outside of the U.S. This is still only outside of the country. In the U.S., AMC+ now has the first three seasons and that is where the fourth season will stream.

When will Netflix get Snowpiercer Season 4

The episodes should still arrive the day after it airs in the United States. The series will not longer air on Mondays in the U.S. AMC likes to air big shows on Sunday nights, and Snowpiercer Season 4 will air at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

That means the episodes should be on Netflix starting Monday, July 22. This will be at the usual time of a local drop, so you’ll need to check for your own location. It’s usually at 12 a.m. PT, so you can work with time zones from there.

This isn’t guaranteed. It’s hard to find what the plan is, and the move to AMC may have meant a switch internationally to a binge-watch once the season is completed. It’s something that we’ll keep an eye on.

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