The Brothers Sun ending explained: Did the Suns escape the crime life?

The Brothers Sun was a terrific action-comedy series on Netflix but did it end with the Suns escaping this criminal life or not?

The Brothers Sun. Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun in episode 105 of The Brothers Sun. Cr. Michael Desmond/Netflix © 2023
The Brothers Sun. Michelle Yeoh as Mama Sun in episode 105 of The Brothers Sun. Cr. Michael Desmond/Netflix © 2023 /

The Brothers Sun was a wild and amazing crime show for Netflix with a stellar cast involved. Just how did it all end? 

Caution: This article contains SPOILERS for The Brothers Sun Season 1

The Brothers Sun focused on Bruce Sun (Sam Song Li), a would-be improv comedy living in Los Angeles with his fussy mother, Eileen (Michelle Yeoh). Bruce's life is turned upside down when Charles (Justin Chien), the older brother he hadn't seen since he was a child, showed up at a bar where he swiftly killed some thugs.

Charles broke it to Bruce that their father, Ba "Big" Sun (Johnny Kou), is the head of the biggest triad gang in Taiwan. As a youth, Charles had seen an attempted murder on Big Sun and killed the guy himself. He was thus raised and trained to be an assassin while Eileen took Bruce to America so he could live a normal life. 

All this obviously threw Bruce as Ba had been shot and nearly killed, and Charles worried the triad's enemies would come after his mom. He soon gave Bruce (who barely even spoke Chinese) a crash course in the crime world as Eileen revealed her own dark side while Bruce just wanted to have a comic career.

The brothers did bond with Bruce realizing Charles wanted more out of his life, including being a cook. Charles also ran into Alexis (Highdee Kuan), a childhood love who was now working for the D.A.'s office and investigating the triads. They restarted their relationship, only for Alexis to try to turn Charles against his family. 

What happened to the big Triad meeting? 

Bruce was bonding with classmate Grace (Madison Hu) only to discover she was part of the Boxers, a gang who sought revenge on the triads who had killed and hurt their families. As it happened, Eileen was letting Bruce slip info to Grace on the triads to wipe out the Boxers.

Ba surprised everyone by coming out of his coma (which he had been faking all along) and arriving in America for a big meeting of all the triads. The plan was for Ba to have Charles anointed the Dragon Head to rule the gangs with Ba guiding him. What neither knew was Eileen was planning to have herself named Dragon Head instead. 

But Bruce ruined the whole thing by telling Grace about it so the Boxers would attack. Also, Alexis had bugged Charles' phone to get information, so the cops raided the place. The result was a bloody shootout, with Grace, the Boxers and the Triad heads killed and the Suns barely escaping. Realizing what Bruce did, Ba ordered Charles to kill his brother. 

Did the Suns end up killing each other in The Brothers Sun?

Bruce had it out with his mother, with Eileen saying she was tired of being in the shadows. Bruce pointed out his mother enjoyed a quiet life in America more than becoming some crime boss. Charles interrupted to kill Bruce but couldn't bring himself to do it. Eileen then broke it to Charles that the "assassination attempt" he'd stopped as a youth was really a test by his dad to turn Charles onto this criminal life. 

When Charles reported back to Ba, he learned that underling Xing was being sent to finish the job. Trying to stop her, Charles was arrested yet still refused to tell Alexis where his dad was. Luckily, Xing seriously underestimated Eileen, who killed her in a brutal fight. Bruce visited Charles in jail, learning where Ba was hiding to take care of this once and for all. 

Father and son had a big confrontation with Ba impressed Bruce was actually planning to shoot him and offered to take him on as an heir. Bruce seemed briefly tempted but ended up shooting his father in the stomach. He told Ba he never wanted to kill him, just to leave them alone. 

How does The Brothers Sun finally end?

As Bruce figured, as soon as the hospital reported Ba's gunshot wound, the cops arrested him. With Ba in custody, Alexis let Charles go while she planned a possible run for DA even as Charles told her he truly cared for her. 

Eileen knew Ba wouldn't stop, so she posed as a nurse to get into his hospital room and forged the records so he'd be listed as a diabetic. This would keep him on insulin, rendering him unable to move or speak and thus helpless. 

With Ba out of the way, Eileen prepared to return to Taiwan to become the Dragon Head, which disappointed Bruce as Eileen wanted to run the Triads with honor and not the brutal thugs that created the Boxers. Having embraced his true love for cooking, Charles went with his mom to help her. The family had a nice sendoff at the airport as Bruce stayed behind for his improv career.

It looked to be all over only for a post-credits scene to show Ba's right-hand man Yuan (Zhan Wang) told there was only one key witness against Ba and smiling to show he had his own plans. 

So The Brothers Sun ended in a good way, but there is potential for a second season to keep up this delightful action-comedy show. 

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The Brothers Sun Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.