The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 begins production (which Mickey Haller book is it based on?)

The Lincoln Lawyer is starting work on Season 3. Which of the Michael Connelly novels is the new season based on?
Lincoln Lawyer. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 101 of Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022
Lincoln Lawyer. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Mickey Haller in episode 101 of Lincoln Lawyer. Cr. Courtesy Of Netflix © 2022 /

The Lincoln Lawyer is starting production on Season 3, but which of the novels by Michael Connelly will the new year be based on? Find out here!

Previously adapted into a big-screen movie starring Matthew McConaughey, The Lincoln Lawyer is based on the novels by Michael Connelly (author of the Harry Bosch novels). Mickey Haller (Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) is a lawyer who earned his nickname by doing a lot of business out of his Lincoln town car. 

The first season was based on The Brass Verdict, which was actually the second Haller novel. Season 2 took inspiration from the fourth novel, The Fifth Witness. 

The Season 2 finale had Mickey managing to get lover Lisa Trammell acquitted of killing magnate Mitchell Bondurant after convincing the jury that businessman Alex Grant was behind it. 

But in a twist, Mickey realized that while Lisa may not have killed Bondurant, she did murder her husband years before and buried the body in her backyard. He dropped the dime to the cops to arrest her. 

Mickey saw his ex-wife Lorna get married to investigator Cisco. He was worried when he was nearly hit by a car and wondered if Grant was coming after him. 

Mickey then got a call from a man in jail accused of murder and begged Mickey to help. Confused as to how the guy knew him, Mickey learned the murder victim was sex worker Gloria, who’d been involved in an earlier case. 

That was a cliffhanger to lead into Season 3, so which book is it based on?

Which book is The Lincoln Lawyer Season 3 based on?

Speaking on his Twitter feed, Michael Connelly confirmed that Season 3 will be based on the 2013 novel The Gods of Guilt (which he calls a favorite of his). 

The book directly addresses the show’s cliffhanger as Mickey has to defend Andre La Crosse of murdering Gloria. But, as often happens, Mickey discovers his client has his share of secrets, and there’s more to the murder than there seems. 

It’s unsure if Grant will play a role in this novel as the focus will be on the main case. It’s also not sure yet when the new season gets filming as it was among the projects delayed by the strikes hitting Hollywood.

But fans now know which of the books The Lincoln Lawyer will tackle next, and Season 3 will continue the daring drama the show is known for. 

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The Lincoln Lawyer is available to stream on Netflix.