The Rookie Season 6 key art spoils the fate of a character

The Rookie Season 5 ended with the fate of a character on the line. Well, the key art for Season 6 spoils everything.

THE ROOKIE - Key Art. (Disney)
THE ROOKIE - Key Art. (Disney) /

The Rookie Season 5 ended with a major cliffhanger. Aaron Thorsen’s life was hanging in the balance, and we spent the summer worrying about him. There were no signs that we were losing him, but there was always that chance.

Then the promo for Season 6 came out and we spotted Thorsen with Bradford back in uniform. There has been a second teaser trailer for The Rookie Season 6. Again, Thorsen was in it.

It’s the key art that is the biggest spoiler of the lot. This is where we get all the series regulars together for the season, and there is someone there to make it clear he is coming back.

Is Thorsen back in The Rookie Season 6?

With all the spoilers so far, it’s not that surprising to see Thorsen in the poster. After all, with the official teasers and some of the photo shares on Twitter, we fully expected to see him come back. It looks like it won’t take him long to make a full recovery—although, we’re expecting The Rookie to do something like the One Chicago shows and opt for a six-month time jump.

Thorsen is at the top of the key art for the season. There is no way to avoid him, making it clear that he is back. He is joined by Lisseth Chavez who plays Juarez in the series. Chavez was promoted to series regular for this season, so it makes sense that the two rookies are together.

THE ROOKIE - Key Art. (Disney) /

There’s no way we can overlook the power couples together as well. Although a photo of Lucy Chen in a hospital gown has us worried about what’s to come for her.

The Rookie Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 20 at 9/8c on ABC. Catch up on the series on Hulu.