Tracker Season 2 is (likely) coming in fall 2024

Tracker didn't premiere until after the Super Bowl, but we probably won't have to wait that long for Season 2. It's sure to arrive in fall 2024.
CBS Presents TRACKER ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
CBS Presents TRACKER ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

It wasn’t that surprising, but we got the great news that CBS has renewed Tracker for Season 2. Now eyes are on when the season could arrive, and we share our suspicions.

Tracker got off to a great start despite the Super Bowl going into overtime. Of course people were going to remain tuned into the series, especially those ready to see Justin Hartley leading a new series.

It helped that the series was based on a book series, and that it had some good writing and great cast members. That led to people staying tuned in on Sundays, and led to a quick renewal.

Tracker Season 2 is sure to be a fall series

While the first season was a midseason series, we don’t expect that to remain the case for Season 2. We just have to start with the fact that this may not have been a fall series had it not been for the summer strike action. That delayed almost everything.

Then there’s the fact that the post-Super Bowl slot is a great option for big new shows. It’s a chance to get the crowd watching something that the networks believe has the potential to move forward with more seasons. With the right audience, the networks then pull the show forward to the fall instead of opting for the midseason the following year.

We saw this happen with The Equalizer. It got the post-Super Bowl timeslot and was quickly renewed. It then moved to the fall lineup, kicking off Sunday nights in style. It was a great option for the fall season when football games tend to pre-empt episodes slightly. CBS needs a strong lineup, so having The Equalizer and then Tracker could be a great option.

So, we’re looking at sometime in September 2024 for Tracker Season 2 to premiere. We’ll keep an eye out on the May Upfronts, which is when CBS will share the fall 2024 plans.

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Tracker is available to stream on Paramount+.