When will Melissa Roxburgh come into Tracker (and who will she play?)

Melissa Roxburgh is switching her callings for tracking rewards. Who will she play in Tracker, and when is her first episode?
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Tracker has landed an 828er. Melissa Roxburgh is coming into the series in the first season, and we can’t wait!

TVLine reports that Roxburgh has landed the role of Dory, Colter Shaw’s sister. That suggests that she’ll be coming into the series for more than one episode, although we may only see her in one episode of Season 1. The good news is the series has already landed a second season.

Justin Hartley also shared information about Roxburgh’s character in an Instagram post he shared to welcome her to the show.

When will Melissa Roxburgh guest star on Tracker?

There isn’t too long to wait for her first appearance. Dory will appear in the Sunday, May 5 episode. That is set to air at the usual time of 9 p.m. ET/PT, as new episodes of The Equalizer will be back by then.

We even have a synopsis for the episode, which tells us that it’s Dr. Dory Shaw. We’re sure to hear her mention that, especially when it comes to Colter showing up. After all, this is still his little sister, and he’s sure to tease her as well as be proud of her accomplishments.

In fact, Colter turns to his siter to help with a case. A grad student goes missing after a house party. While his friends and family believe that this grad student has run away, buckling under pressure, Colter doesn’t think so. That’s especially when he learns that there were explicit photos and messages.

College campuses are full of conspiracies. This college has a particular dangerous and deadly one. How involved will Dory get when it comes to helping her brother, and what exactly does she think of the way he spends his time?

What do we know about Dory so far?

Tracker has focused a lot on Colter’s backstory. We know that his parents were Berkeley professors. However, there was an incident with his dad, which led to his dad taking him and his two siblings to live off grid in a compound.

Ashton, Colter’s dad, was sure that people were out to get him. He taught Colter and his siblings how to track and hunt. This led to Colter taking up a life that involves finding and helping people.

Up to this point, Colter has only mentioned his brother, Russell, who Colter believes was responsible for Ashton’s death. Dory hasn’t been mentioned, so we don’t actually know if the two are on speaking terms. The May 5 episode is going to be even more interesting with that in mind.

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Tracker airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.