We now know who Colin Donnell will play in FBI: International

We knew Colin Donnell was coming into FBI: International in the last two episodes of Season 3, but we didn't know who he would play. Now we have an idea of his role and whether he'll help or hinder the team.
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The previous episode of FBI: International did not give us answers about how Scott Forrester would leave the Fly Team, despite that being Luke Kleintank’s last episode. Instead, it’s clear that we’ll need to see how the storyline plays out as Forrester goes “dark.”

That’s all we know at this point about Forrester. The promo for the new episode sees us and the team finding out that Forrester has “gone dark.” This isn’t like him at all. He always lets his team know where he is, and he is contactable by them when they need him. So, naturally, they are worried.

It looks like this is a bigger case than it originally seems. That’s especially now that we know who Colin Donnell will play—and he’s the good guy, not the villain of the story.

Colin Donnell plays an NSA agent in FBI: International

Donnell will come into the series as NSA Agent Brian Lange, according to TVLine. He is a liaison for the Bureau, who is being called in to help with a case. A prominent cyber security company owner is murdered in Copenhagen, and this leads to a data leak. Of course, the NSA is on top of that, and that’s why they send Lange in to help with the case.

Will he stick around to also help with Forrester? He doesn’t know Forrester, so there is a chance that he just thinks that the Fly Team boss has decided to go off grid for his own needs.

It does look like Forrester’s case is going to be much bigger, though. Donnell’s character is sticking around for the finale at least. We don’t have details of that finale just yet, but it could wrap up Forrester’s disappearing act in this upcoming episode. It would make sense to have a two-episode storyline for all of us to say goodbye to Forrester.

This could open the door for Donnell to come into the series full-time as the new leader of the Fly Team. Or maybe we could find out that the NSA is willing to keep a liaison in Europe for future cases, a little like how Smitty is the Europol liaison to help with situations.

Teri Polo will also guest star in the two episodes of FBI: International. Maybe she will come in as the new boss since we know that she’s likely to stick around for Season 4. It seems less likely that she’s the big villain of the two episodes with that in mind.

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