Who will Melissa Roxburgh play in The Hunting Party?

While NBC hasn't confirmed a lot of new shows for the 2024–2025 season, The Hunting Party is happening. Melissa Roxburgh has joined the cast, but who will she play?
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The Hunting Party received a straight-to-series order by NBC, and now we’re getting ready for it. The show has just added to its cast, with Melissa Roxburgh coming into the series.

There are a lot of questions with this casting announcement. The first is who she will play? The second, and important question, is what will this mean for Tracker?

Melissa Roxburgh is an ex-FBI agent in The Hunting Party

Let’s start with the new series, The Hunting Party. Roxburgh will take on the role of Rebecca “Bex” Henderson, an ex-FBI agent who is recruited into the secret mission. She’s a savvy profiler, and the team is going to need someone like her to be able to find the escaped prisoners.

Why is this so secret? Well, the escaped prisoners are from a top-secret prison that isn’t supposed to exist. Nobody knows about it, and that means any mission to get the criminals will need to be secret. There is sure to be some anger from Bex about finding out there is a secret facility, but she is also described as being obsessively curious, according to Deadline, which suggests that she’ll want to jump straight into the search.

She will need to profile the most dangerous killers in the world. From there, she’ll be able to work with a team to capture the killers and put them back into their top-secret prison. All the while, they will need to keep this entire mission a secret.

What does it mean for Tracker?

Roxburgh recently guest starred in an episode of Tracker, as Colter’s sister Dory. We met her in the May 5 episode, where we found out that she became a college professor. Through Colter turning to his sister for help, we found out that Dory opted to leave her mother and brothers behind and chose to live with their Aunt Melissa and Uncle Dave. She also wants to keep the past in the past, and she isn’t afraid to have contact with her brother, Russell. Does she believe Russell killed their dad like Colter does? She didn’t want to have much of a discussion about that.

Roxburgh was only tapped as a guest star for that episode. While she would love to return—and would love to work with Jensen Ackles, who plays Russell on the series, again (she worked with him on Supernatural in an episode)—she hasn’t committed to anything.

It is harder for series regulars to guest star on other shows. However, maybe schedules would align to make this possible.

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