Magnum PI Season 2, Episode 9: How to watch online and preview

Magnum PI has Thomas remembering a fallen friend in A Bullet Named Fate. Here’s how to watch Magnum PI season 2, episode 9 live, on TV and online.

Magnum PI is going to get very angsty this week, so find out how to watch Magnum PI online or live tonight, because the CBS crime drama might make fans tear up a little bit.

“A Bullet Named Fate” brings back the legendary William Forsythe (a TV crime drama veteran of shows like Chicago Justice) as Harry Brown, Magnum’s private investigator friend.

But this isn’t going to be a buddy episode, due to Harry being shot earlier. Thus, Magnum (Jay Hernandez) feels guilty, especially because he’s the one who asked Harry to look into the case to begin with.

Can he find the perpetrator and avenge his injured friend?

Not to mention, close this case that was so complicated he needed Harry’s skills for whatever reason?

And last but certainly not least, can the show please not use this as an excuse to kill Harry off and give Magnum something else to be upset about? After all, it’d be a huge TV cliche to have a main character’s friend die from injuries that he was sort of responsible for, thus prompting a massive guilt complex.

Hopefully, “A Bullet Named Fate” won’t go that way, although it is possible since Magnum PI Season 2 is nearing its midseason break and the closer a show gets to a break, the more it wants to do something big to have TV crime drama fans tuning in. We’ll have to watch and see.

If nothing else, the combination of Jay Hernandez and William Forsythe is always an interesting one. It’s one of those team-ups that TV fans wouldn’t think of but it works.

Here’s how CBS officially describes the episode:

A guilt-ridden Magnum follows the clues his private investigator friend Harry Brown left behind when he was shot while working a case Thomas passed onto him. TC helps Kumu lead a protest against construction on a Hawaiian sacred site.

And here’s the sneak peek that they’ve put together for this particular episode, albeit one that’s incredibly brief (which doesn’t help the paranoia any):

Interested? Here are all the details you need to watch Magnum PI tonight, on TV or online:

Date: Friday, Nov. 22
Start Time: 9/8c
Episode: Season 2, Episode 9, “A Bullet Named Fate”
TV Channel: CBS
Live Stream: Watch the episode live on CBS or sign up for a 7-day free trial of Fubo TV.